Make a Mix and Match Doll Wardrobe

I really enjoy sewing mix and match wardrobes for dolls. It’s very satisfying to choose a few fabrics, a few patterns, and after spending an afternoon sewing, end up with coordinated separates that can be used together, or with other pieces in your doll wardrobe (Like white shirts, jeans, blue or white jean jackets, tights, leggings etc.)

Make your Own Mix and Match Doll Clothes

As I have posted before, I don’t live too far from a Vera Bradley® outlet. They always have great sales, and I’m always on the hunt for things to repurpose into doll clothes. Sometimes it’s hard and sometimes it’s easy! These dresses were made from two Vera Bradley napkins I found one year, with the Sunshine Dress pattern. And I took a non quilted bag apart to make this dress. Much of Vera’s line is quilted, or canvas, so not much can be used for doll clothes. This time, I was picking up my usual “wet swim suit” tote to cut up, and found tea towels. Below the tea towels, whoo hoo!!! APRONS!!! Aprons are a little thinner than towels, and by price, gave me more fabric for my money.

Easy to Sew Mix and Match 18 inch Doll Clothes

I knew I wanted to make some clothes around this purple paisley print apron. I added some solid colors (the print is busy enough!) and spent some time thinking and planning. Vera Bradley fabric is usually a very large print, so although not ideal for doll clothes in some ways, it’s also perfect in others. In the end, I decided on the Easy Up! Jumper to show off the fun print (and the hedgehog I found in the middle!!!), and making it reversible was an easy choice. Put a solid peasant top underneath, that can also be worn with a print Sixth Grade Skirt. Just because they are so quick and easy, I always add a Popsicle Top (one print side, and one solid side) for good measure, even though I already had the darker purple popsicle top on hand.

18 inch Dolls: Mix and Match Wardrobe Sewing Patterns

My go to formula usually ends up being two tops, two bottoms, and one dress for a good array of outfits. With the reversible dress, I opted for just the Sixth Grade Skirt for now, but it would be simple to add a pair of shorts or capris if I feel like it needs a little more when I am done.

Once everything is cut, I give all the pieces a good press before I begin. With solid colors, or easily swapped pattern pieces (like the sides of the Sixth Grade Skirt), I keep the pattern piece pinned until I’m ready to sew, or mark each right side with a small piece of washi tape. I tend to sew all of the pieces at once. (It does help that I wrote the patterns and don’t need to follow them as I go.) My first step is to figure out which of my “hem” seams I can get done first.

I sit down at my serger, and finish off the bottom edges of the Playtime Peasant Top sleeves and the Sixth Grade Skirt waistband. I move to my sewing machine, and stitch the shoulders of the Popsicle Top pieces, stitch the Sixth grade skirt together, add the sleeves to the peasant top, sew the armholes of the Easy Up! jumper. Back at the ironing board, I press all my seams open (Sixth Grade Skirt, Popsicle Top) and clip any curves (Peasant Top and Easy Up!). I also press up the hems of my Peasant Top. Topstitching the Sixth Grade Skirt comes next, and in this case, for the solid side of the Easy Up! jumper, I added a strip of the apron strap down the center front. By this time, I’m off to the races. I seam any seams, moving from piece to piece, and then press them all at once. By using just one color of thread (usually white), I can get the whole wardrobe completed in one sewing session.

Once I’m done sewing, I look for other items I already have on hand that I can use. I do have a dark purple Popsicle Top, which didn’t make it into the photos. :). The purple headband is made by American Girl® and I knit and felted this cute, black bowler hat myself. Add in some shoes complements of Grace and Blaire (American Girls of the Year) to complete the look.

The Easy Up! Jumper is Reversible for Two Dresses in One!

Click each photo below to see more ideas for Mix and Match Doll Clothes!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: Rainbow Themed Doll Clothes

Make a rainbow dress for your 18 inch doll using the easy to sew Party Time Peasant Dress PDF sewing pattern from OhSewKat. Find more simple patterns for dolls at OhSewKat on Etsy.

In honor of pride month, here are some rainbow inspired doll clothes to inspire you!! Both the dresses above and below were sewn with the simple Oh Sew Kat! Party Time Peasant Dress pdf pattern.

Make a rainbow dress for your 18 inch doll using the easy to sew Party Time Peasant Dress PDF sewing pattern from OhSewKat. Find more simple patterns for dolls at OhSewKat on Etsy.

I knit this adorable rainbow dress with varigated yarn from Hobby Lobby and the Metropolitan pattern on Ravelry.

Add a splash of rainbow on the Spring Shine Dress with an easy hem band.

Wellie Wishers sewing pattern to make a dress or top with placket and flutter sleeves. Easy beginner level sewing patterns to diy your own doll clothes for 14 and 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat! #welliewishers #dollclothes #sewingpattern

Courtney’s 80s world was full of rainbows!! This skirt was made with the Four Season Skirt pattern. You can get it FREE right HERE.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Simple Summer Projects: Crafting for Dolls

Are you and your girl looking for some quick and easy doll crafts to do during the summer months? Try these tutorials from Oh Sew Kat! Click on each photo to go right to the tutorial.

Try these easy craft projects for dolls- Simple Summer Fun!

Easy doll craft! Make a doll sized banner to decorate your 18 inch Doll's Valentine's Day party. Use your cricut or cutting machine for quick and easy American Girl doll party decorations.
Make your 18 inch doll a two colored knit headband just like Kira's from American Girl. Easy to follow sewing tutorial for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!
Use fold over elastic when you are sewing doll clothes for quick and pretty accents, belts, headbands, straps, hems and more! Find easy to sew beginner level doll clothes sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!
Make an 18 inch doll necklace for Valentine's Day. Easy bead and chain 18 inch doll jewelry look great with doll fashions made from Oh Sew Kat! pdf sewing patterns on Etsy.
50s scarf doll tutorial by Oh Sew Kat! Easy sewing patterns for beginners to print and sew at home.

Summer Fun Doll Projects: Quick and easy Doll Crafts

Visit the Oh Sew Kat! Tutorials page to find more fun and easy doll projects.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Washi Tape in the Sewing Room: Kat’s 6 Top Tape Tips

Are you a washi tape lover like I am? Washi tape is pretty and functional, and has very light tack, making it an ideal sewing notion! Here are five ways you can use it in your sewing room. You can find loads of washi tapes at local craft stores and online. Washi tape is a very light tack tape, so that makes it perfect for sewing projects where you don’t want sticky residue left on your fabrics. Choose some pretty tapes that make you happy and add them to your sewing notions. You can also use them on notebooks, cards, laptops and more as quick and fun accents. Washi tape bundles are very inexpensive on Amazon: Ad: Washi Tape Bundle. You can choose solids, florals, geometrics, and more!

1. Use Washi Tape to Hold Zippers in Place While You Sew

Sewing Zippers:  Use your washi tape to hold your zipper in place as you stitch it in instead of pins or hand basting. Use this tutorial in THIS POST to add a zipper to your doll dresses. You can use washi tape or Scotch Magic Tape to make this a super, easy task.

2. Use Washi Tape to Hold Buttons While You Sew Them On

Buttons and Buttonholes:  I often use washi tape to mark button or buttonhole placements, and I also use it to hold the button on my garment while I sew and remove it once I’m done.

Use easy PDF sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat to make your 18 inch dolls some quick and easy outfits. Great first time beginner sewing project, print your patterns at home. Find a full selection of easy patterns with full tutorials in the OhSewKat etsy shop.

3. Use Washi Tape to Mark the Front or Back Side of your Pattern Pieces

Mark the Front or the Right sides of Fabric:  Put a little piece of washi tape on the bodice front and back that you want to use as the outside of your garment, especially when using the lining as the same material.  If you fussy cut your front (so that a certain flower or other image is centered etc, mark it with a tiny piece of tape.) Use washi tape to mark a specific piece instead of using pins or making marks on your pieces (ie. put tape on the top/waistband of pant legs that seem similar and could get mixed up and sewn together upside down, or to mark the fronts of the pants as different from the similar pants back pieces for example).

Make historical meet outfits for American Girl dolls like Kirsten Addy with this sewing pattern hack.

4. Use Washi Tape to Mark Your Seam Guide on Your Sewing Machine

Seam Guide:  Attach a piece to your machine throat plate for a perfect 1/4th inch seam- or any other size you may need. When you are done, pull the tape up and throw it away!

Make a ruffled twirl skirt for 18 inch dolls like American Girl with this easy tutorial by Oh Sew Kat! More PDF Sewing patterns for dolls available!

5. Use Washi Tape to Print Once yet Still make different Lengths or Sizes offered by the Pattern

You can also use it to join pattern pieces together after you cut them apart. For example, the Bloomer Buddies pattern has three lengths marked on one pattern piece. Print and cut the longest piece (the dress.). As you need the different lengths, remove the hem pieces and then reattach them with washi tape. You can do this a few times, and then, if they seem too worn, throw them away and print new ones!

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat! Easy doll dress, top, and bloomers in one easy pattern. #ohsewkat #sewingpattern #dollclothes #easypattern

6. Use Washi Tape to Hold Darts and Pleats in Place While Your Sew

Pleats and Darts:  Hold pleats or darts in place instead of pins.  Remove the tape easily after you sew.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Quick to Sew: Simple Tee Shirt Sewing Pattern Hacks

Every doll needs lots and lots of basic tee shirts!! Whether to show her school spirit, or her favorite sport or band, you can whip up some easy tees with the Oh Sew Kat! Simple Sweet Tee pattern. I like to use fold over elastic on my tees for a quick to sew and fun to see trim. Find the pattern in four sizes here!

Sewing Pattern 18 inch doll Tee Shirt by OHSEWKAT

Try out these easy pattern hacks. Find more Oh Sew Kat! pattern hacks and tutorials HERE.

Simple Sweet Tee Pattern Hack: Tee Shirt Dress

Everyone’s favorite dresses are comfy like tee shirts!! Use this pattern hack to make your doll a comfy tee shirt dress with the Simple Sweet Tee pattern. For these cute dresses, I used girls’ leggings I bought at Walmart (buy the biggest size they have to get the most fabric!). Find the full tutorial HERE.

Make a tee shirt dress from a tee shirt pattern hack by Oh Sew Kat! Make American Girl Doll Clothes with easy sewing PDF patterns from Oh Sew Kat! Blog with craft tutorials and free skirt pattern.

Simple Sweet Tee Pattern Hack: Tank Top

Use your Sweet Tee shirt pattern to make a cute tank top (like the one in Joss’s collection- her PJ top). A little fold over elastic is all you need. Find the full tutorial HERE.

Use the Simple, Sweet Tee PDF pattern by Oh Sew Kat! to make a cute knit tank top for your 18 inch doll like Joss Kendrick. It looks just like Joss Pajamas! Find more patterns in the ohsewkat etsy shop.

Simple Sweet Tee: Infusible Ink Graphic Tee Shirts for Dolls

Infusible ink is a product that sinks into the fabric and makes a permanent image. It won’t peel up or wash out. I use infusible ink with my Cricut machine to make super cute doll tees!!! Find the full tutorial HERE.

Create your own custom doll tee shirts with Cricut and Infusible Ink transfer sheets. Find a quick and easy tutorial to turn an adult shirt into many doll tees that you can design and sew yourself at OhSewKat!
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: Picnic Play PDF Sewing Pattern

Use the Picnic Play pattern to make quick and easy play clothes for your 18 inch dolls like American Girl® dolls. The pattern is available in the Oh Sew Kat! Etsy shop for 18 inch and 14.5 inch dolls. It includes a reversible top (one pattern piece!), cuffed capri pants, and a cute, drawstring backpack.

18 inch American Girl Doll PDF Sewing Patterns

Make this super quick and easy Picnic Play outfit for your 18 inch doll with the PDF digital sewing pattern from OhSewKat. Fat quarter friendly, quick sewing project to make 18 inch doll capris, backpack and simple shirt. Find more patterns in the OHSewKat etsy Shop.

Michele made this adorable outfit as part of my test team.

Download and sew the quick and easy Picnic Play PDF sewing pattern and make a summer outfit for your American Girl Doll. Find more doll clothes sewing patterns in the OhSewKat Etsy shop.

Mix and Match Doll Clothes- Easy Sewing Pattern for Dolls

This quick to sew outfit is also perfect to make pieces that mix and match in your doll’s wardrobe. This Picnic Play top was sewn with a lace overlay and looks cute with a skirt!! Emily’s striped skirt was made with the Everything Nice Pattern and THIS TUTORIAL.

Use easy PDF sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat to make your 18 inch dolls some quick and easy outfits. Great first time beginner sewing project, print your patterns at home. Find a full selection of easy patterns with full tutorials in the OhSewKat etsy shop.

Use the Picnic Play Pattern to Make an 80s Style Top

Or use this SLIGHT MODIFICATION to make the top have more of an 80s look for your Courtney Moore doll. See more in THIS POST and on the Courtney 80s Inspiration Page.

Make doll clothes for 1980's 18 inch dolls like Courtney Moore from American Girl. Easy to sew doll clothes with easy PDF digital patterns, printables, and tutorials from OhSewKat. Also available on Etsy. Make a boxy crop top, hair scrunchies, and bubble skirts.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing with Batiks Part 3- DIY Doll Clothes

Don’t pass by that huge fabric section of batik fabrics! I love to use batiks as “solids with interest”. With such a wide range of solid colors and fun patterns, you can create a whole new vibe for your doll clothes.

Use batik fabrics in place of solids to improve your doll clothes sewing.

This blue batik fabric was in my mother’s stash. It must have been a quilt backing as there is four or five yards of it! It’s my go to for a “denim” look because it’s so lightweight and easy to sew!

Easy Up jumper doll clothes sewing pattern- lots of options, beginner level, photo tutorial, pdf pattern from ohsewkat

This batik fabric has a pattern over it, but the muted colors behind it make it perfect for spring play clothes, like this adorable Popsicle Top and Sandbox Shorts outfit for Welliewishers™ sewn by Pam. Find both patterns in THIS BUNDLE.

Make a summer outfit for your wellie wishers doll with easy sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat! PDF sewing pattern for wellie wishers dolls sandbox shorts popsicle top.

Use Batik Fabrics to in Your Doll Clothes Sewing

This patriotic batik is a stunner. Each outfit will have a little different look with fabrics that change colors. These outfits are both made with the Backyard Bibs pattern.

Backyard Bibs Overalls Sewing Pattern for 18 inch dolls like American Girl. Easy to sew PDF digital doll clothes patterns found at Oh Sew Kat!

Batiks are fun to sew with. You just don’t know what you will get until it’s done. Try it out today!!

Oh Sew Kat sewing patterns wellie wishers american girl animators wellie wishers
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress Patterns Made Up as Tops

Just as every doll top sewing pattern you have can usually be made into a dress, the reverse is true as well. Every dress pattern can be made into a top or shirt. Here are a few examples to use the patterns you have (or choose a new one) in a new way.

Use your Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress sewing patterns to make cute doll tops too!

Sew your own doll clothes with easy PDF sewing patterns by OhSewKat! #ohsewkat #sugarnspice #18inchdolls #americangirl

Kelly is wearing a cute spring outfit. Her top is made from the Sugar n Spice pattern. Instead of a full skirt, I just made it ruffle sized. Read more details in THIS POST. The skirt is a simple skirt like THIS TUTORIAL.

Easiest Pattern Hack Ever: Make a Dress Pattern as Top for Dolls

Western Style ruffled Twinkle Skirt with eyelet Spring Shine Dres/Top

In the above example, sewn by my amazing tester, Michele, Leah is wearing a top made from the Oh Sew Kat! Spring Shine Dress pattern. It’s simply the bodice with a little trim at the hem. Cute cute!! Find the pattern HERE. The skirt is made from the Twinkle Twirl Skirt pattern.

Michele also sewed the cute outfit Snow White is wearing below. Her top is made from the Sunshine Dress pattern. It doesn’t matter the doll size, this hack works for every size. Find the pattern HERE.

Disney Animators dolls sewing patterns

Use your Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress Patterns to Make Cute Summer Tops too!

Use the Backyard Bibs PDF sewing pattern to make as summer doll top for your 18 inch American Girl doll. Easy sewing patterns for all seasons by Oh Sew kat!

Maryellen is ready to hit the beach!! The Backyard Bibs is my favorite pattern for every season. Shorten the skirt to ruffle length, and look how cute the top is! (The green shorts were purchased at American Girl®.) See more details in THIS POST. I simply made the ruffle even smaller in the patriotic outfit below. Paired with a pair of Bloomer Buddies bloomers and it looks like a bathing suit!!

Make a summer top or swim suit with the Backyard Bibs Overalls sewing pattern for dolls like American Girl. Easy to sew digital PDF doll clothes patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

Make Easy Doll Tops with your Oh Sew Kat! Dress Sewing Patterns

Doll top tutorial by OhSewKat

Pam, another amazing tester and photographer, always made the cutest outfits. Here she used the Sugar n Spice Dress pattern and made it into cute tops for Welliewishers 14.5 inch dolls. She paired them with Sixth Grade Skirts and added the pockets as in THIS TUTORIAL. Such cute outfits!!

What other dress patterns will you use to make your doll tops?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: Character Inspired Doll Dresses

Use your imagination and Oh Sew Kat! patterns to make doll dresses inspired by your favorite characters!!

Make a Snow White Inspired Doll Dress

Make a Snow White inspired doll dress using the Backyard Bibs sewing pattern. Easy beginner level pdf digital patterns for 18 inch dolls.

Make a Snow White inspired Backyard Bibs. Add a blue peasant top underneath to complete the look.

Make a Captain America Inspired Doll Dress

Make adorable Captain America dress overalls style bibs with the easy Backyard Bibs sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat! Be your daughter's superhero! Easy to sew printable PDF sewing patterns are available for dolls in 5 sizes.

The Backyard Bibs pattern is quick to sew and lends itself to easy colorblocking! Add a simple to make Captain America® logo with your cricut machine and easy press. Find the tutorial HERE.

Make a Gabby Gabby (Toy Story) Style Dress

Make your own Gabby Gabby inspired yellow polka dot doll dress with easy sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

Gabby Gabby’s yellow polka dot dress can easily be made with either the Sugar n Spice dress, or the Spring Shine dress by adding a collar, placket, and waistband. See more information in this POST.

What character inspired doll dresses have you made?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

How to use a Ruffler Foot to Gather a Skirt for a Doll Dress

When it comes to doll dresses, I say, can there ever be enough ruffle? Whether it’s a full, twirly doll skirt, or a cute ruffle at the hem of pants or a skirt, you can make your ruffles in mere seconds with this fancy accessory for your sewing machine!! Use this quick method when you sew the Boardwalk Boutique, Party Time Peasant Dress, Playtime Peasant Skirt, and the Sugar n Spice dress patterns from Oh Sew Kat! See the full pattern collection HERE.

Make bitty baby doll clothes with easy pdf sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat! Great for beginners, also fits Bitty Twins.
Bitty Baby doll in pink flowered dress

Learn to Use Your Ruffler Attachment for Your Sewing Machine

The first thing is to ensure you have the exact correct ruffler for your specific machine.  My machine is a Bernina 560 and the ruffler foot is #86.  I have a ruffler foot for my babylock machine as well, and even though it looks almost identical, it’s not compatible with my Bernina.  A ruffler for your machine is not a cheap accessory, but if you use it often, it can be a huge time saver!!! Be sure to watch a few quick videos on you tube to get familiar with how to use it. Generally, a ruffler will look like the photo below. It’s quite the contraption! But once I tried it, I fell in love!

Sewing Doll Skirts: Ruffler Tips

  1. There can be a lot of math involved when using a ruffler.  It has a few options and if you change the number and the stitch length, you get even more!  That all gives me a headache, to be honest. I’m an English teacher not a math teacher, remember? If you want a great tutorial on how to figure all of this out, I highly recommend searching you tube.  Me, I just want to put a piece of fabric in and gather my doll skirts in about 15 seconds!  So this is what I did and maybe it can benefit you too.
  2. The ruffler foot seems intimidating at first, but it really attaches just like any of your other sewing feet. You need to make sure the top “hook” (looks like a backwards “c”- see Fig 1) is over the needle bar (see Fig 3), which will move the entire mechanism. This is similar to some buttonhole feet. Once the foot is secure, and the “c” hook is over the bar, lower the foot and check that your needle moves in and out freely and doesn’t hit any of the metal.
  3. In Fig 2, you can see the front notch which shows the number of stitches between “tucks” or gathers. For tight gathers, set this to 1, so it will “tuck” every stitch. You can also set it to every 6th stitch or every 12th stitch. The smaller the number, the tighter the gathers. You will need less fabric the higher the number.
  4. The fabric will move front to back, just like your regular sewing. The center, middle of the foot has a darker, flat piece of metal. The back end of this piece has a zig zag type edge, which will grab the fabric. As the fabric is tucked, the needle stitches it in place. Your fabric is fed in between the two bars at the front, then under this little metal piece and out the back.
  5. In Fig 1, you can see that the foot has a two layer bottom. The fabric will feed in between these two layer bars at the front, then under the metal piece and needle etc. (Fig 4). Start slowly, and ensure the fabric and the little claw are moving correctly. You will hold/feed the fabric, watching the front guide. If you start to sew, and your fabric doesn’t start to move in under the needle, pull it out and try again.
  6. I sat down with a pile of cotton strips (I used the ugly parts of a quilter’s jelly roll, but you can use anything that is similar to the fabric you will gather the most. You can even ruffle a strip, measure it, pull the stitches out, and ruffle it again using the same strip more than once.)  The jelly roll strips were all 42 inches long (and 2.5 inches wide), which is more or less the width of fabric when you buy it off the bolt.  I sat down and set my ruffler to ruffle every stitch, (the little holes front and center) and my stitch length to 2.5.  I ruffled the strip.  The next one I ruffled with the stitch length set at 3.0 and kept moving up to 5.0 which is as long as my machine will let me set.  (No idea what a jelly roll is? Click AD: to see at the Fat Quarter Shop HERE. Jelly rolls (also called Bali Pops, Rolie Polies etc) are a type of precut cotton fabric, designed for quilters, but also great for doll clothes!)
  7. Once I ruffled each strip, I measured it and started making a chart. I entered the original length of fabric, the stitch length (2.5-5.0), the ruffler stitch count setting (every stitch, every sixth stitch, etc), and the finished, ruffled length. My goal was to see what stitch length would give me the closest measurements to the skirts in my doll clothes patterns. I add them to a white board or wall chart for quick reference. Look up the skirt measurements of your favorite doll clothes patterns with ruffles or gathered skirts. Cut strips to match, and start with the lowest stitch length setting, to see where you end up. It’s not hard to get right to certain measurements, and as I said, I’m an English teacher, and I didn’t want to do the math.  I needed the strips to be 1 or 2 inches LONGER than what I would use on the doll garment. I can trim off the end.  😉  If a measurement is too short, leaving an inch unruffled at either end can work as well.  This also makes it a little easier to add the hook and loop tape to a back closing garment.
  8. I found that a strip that measured 42 inches, ruffled at 5.0 stitch length gave me 14-15 inches.  This is what I use most of the time for 18 inch dolls.  I leave one inch at the beginning, and ruffle all the way to the end.  Once it’s pinned to the skirt, I can remove the part I don’t need (perfect for an apron like in Sugar n Spice pattern), remove a few stitches to flatten out the back edge, and attach it to my waistband. Time saver!!!

It’s possible to ruffle and attach your skirt to your waistband at the same time. As long as you know you can trim off the excess at the end, you can do it in one step.  Having your handy chart of which stitch length will give you what approximate measurement will really help!  I encourage you to ruffle a few strips of fabric and make your own chart.  At first I used a notebook, but I’ve since put it into my google drive so it is now sorted by fabric length.  I add to it every time I ruffle a skirt or piece of fabric, and I reference it when I sit down to sew a pattern to speed up my doll clothes constructions.

How to Use a Ruffler to Gather Doll Skirts when Sewing

A ruffler foot can also be used to make your own gathered trim (think eyelet lace) and ruffles for any and every project. Have fun with this new tool!!

Use the ruffler foot to make the quick to sew Party Time Peasant Dress even quicker!! Find the pattern here.

Make a Party Time Peasant Dress for your 18 inch American Girl doll for St Patrick's Day. Find the easy PDF print at home sewing pattern at #irish #dolldress #18inch #sewingpattern #irishcraft
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!