Flipping the Bodice Tutorial

Reversible doll bodice, lined bodice flip bodice tutorial060 When sewing dolls clothes, you are usually using small pieces to begin with. Even dolls like to have a nice, clean finish to their clothes.  One way to do this is to fully line the bodice.  You can also make clothes reversible using this method, as I did in my POPSICLE TOP pattern, which is now available in my etsy shop. Here is a quick tutorial to show you how to create these nice, smooth shoulders. Once you do it a few times, you will find it gets easier.

Step 1:  Cut out the pattern pieces from two fabrics- either a fabric and a lining, or choose two fabrics and make it reversible.

Step 2:  After your shoulder seams are stitched and pressed, lay your pieces, right sides together, and match them up.  Stitch around the neckline and arm holes, as well as the back edges if directed by your pattern.

Step 3:  Clip the curves (being careful not to clip your seam line) and reduce any extra bulk along your edges.  Trim off the corners. 150

Step 4: Using a small safety pin, fold up one corner of the back and secure it. 151

Step 5:  With the safety pin on the inside of your sewn pieces, begin to slide it through the shoulder area, working from back to front.  As you move the pin, go ahead and pull the fabric over it as much as you can (it will only pull a little bit, but that little bit really helps!).  Open the bodice front pieces to expose the head of the safety pin. 153

Step 6:  Gently pull the pin, until it is clear of the fabric.  Remove the pin. (Pulling on the pin could tear your fabric.  Instead, simply remove the temptation.)  Now pull the fabric carefully through.  Sometimes, if the doll is small, I use a tweezers to help pull the fabric out, but be very careful as it can leave marks or tears if you pull too hard.  Repeat for the other side. 154

Step 7:  Once both sides are flipped, press the edges for a nice, clean look. 155

Step 8:  Ta da!! 157

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