Happy Birthday, Marines!

usmc flag

Happy 240th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!!  Every year, on November 10th, Marines around the globe stop to remember the birth of the Corps, often by sharing a piece of cake. The USMC has always been a part of my life.  My father and husband are both now retired Marines, and we’ve passed the torch to our oldest son, who is now just beginning his own USMC journey. It’s been 20 years since I last put on the uniform, but November 10th is always a day of cheerful greetings and email reunions with old friends and those my husband and I served with.  Every morning, I am grateful to get up and go to work and proudly continue to serve today’s Warfighters (but I do it now as an English Teacher, instead of a Communications Officer).  Semper Fi, Marines!

kat and pat

Here’s a fun throwback photo to 1990, before my husband and I were even married.