You can make your own mix and match doll wardrobe for just about $10

Are you looking for some holiday gifting ideas?  Is there a special girl with a doll in your life?  Here’s a way to put together a full mix and match wardrobe for about $10 in fabric.  Check out how I turned these three fat quarters (average price = $2-3 each depending where you shop!) into four quick mix and match doll clothes items for just about $10 total in an afternoon!

Sew your own doll clothes from Oh Sew Kat!

OhSewKat PDF Patterns Fall 2015 001

First, I spent an evening cutting out all of my pieces.  (I actually put together about five bags of outfits…you’ll see them all here on the blog as I go along!  But the pieces for this wardrobe, all went into just one bag.)

I cut one School Bell Blouse, one Sandbox Shorts, one Popsicle Top, and one Sixth Grade Skirt.  (Click on the links to purchase the PDF sewing patterns if you don’t already have them.) I chose the solids for the bottoms, and the prints for the top. The reversible Popsicle Top will be print on one side and pink on the other.  The top left part of the photo shows a pair of Playground Pants.  I cut them out, and added them to my bag, because I could use the turquoise thread and give me a fleeting feeling of multitasking. It was a test to try out the leg pieces as one complete piece (it’s cute!) but it doesn’t really match the other items in the set.  So after the cutting and bagging phase, I left it out of the photos below.

OhSewKat PDF Patterns Fall 2015 005

I sewed by color, so I started with the pink (so I could add the pockets before sewing together the blue shorts) and then moved to the blue. I wrote the patterns, so it’s safe to say I am pretty familiar with the sewing order. I highly suggest you read through each one (they don’t take long!) and get familiar with the basic construction before you begin. I always like to press more pieces and sew more pieces at one time, even if that means stitching something and putting it aside while I sew a few more, so I can press all at once.)

When I was done, I had this.  A four piece wardrobe to mix and match in lots of different ways!

Make your own doll clothes for less than ten dollars

Here are some more photos. Click on each one to view it in a larger window.  Visit my etsy shop at OH SEW KAT ETSY SHOP to purchase this collection, or the PDF sewing patterns to make it you own!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!


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