Appletotes & co. ~ Alyssa top Sewing Pattern Review

Sew a cute top with collars and cuffs with the Alyssa Top Sewing Pattern by Appletotes and Co. pdf doll sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls like American Girl and Our Generation

I used the recent winter “snow and sew” time to catch up on a few patterns I had cut out and hoped to try.  Today, I’m showing off the Alyssa Top, by Appletotes & co.

Alyssa top pattern sewn by

The Alyssa Top has so many options, I took quite a long while trying to decide what I wanted my top to look like. Sleeves?  Contrasting cuffs?  Contrasting band?  Add a collar?  Sometimes I’m my own worst enemy when it comes to these “big” decisions.  Anyway, I finally settled on a navy, anchor nautical look!

I have to confess, I’m really a quiter’s cotton stitcher.  The pattern called for lining fabric, and I have to say, I’ve not really sewn lining fabric before! Actually, I did make a blazer and a vest for my son, Jake, when he was two (he’s now 20) so I’m not sure that really counts.  But, I always like to sew a pattern the first time as written.  Sometimes the author really does know best, right? So lining fabric it was.  Actually, funny story…when I went to look, I realized I don’t even buy fabrics like that.  Now what? Not to be deterred, I realized that I do shop the sales at the local Justice store…and pick up skirts and tops to re-purpose into doll clothes, and sure enough, navy blue lining!! Thank goodness I didn’t have to rethink my entire fabric choice.  The snow would be melted by then!  By the way, kids’ clothes are a great way to stock up on some specialty type fabrics without buying a whole lot…and often, you can incorporate the existing hems or seams and save a step or two.

I love the cute design of the sleeve cuffs of this pattern.  I’m not sure I put mine together quite right, but the look is still right. Overall, I found it pretty easy to follow directions and put together my cute top!  Her pattern pieces were detailed and the photos and directions were easy to follow. pdf sewing patterns for dolls to diy doll clothes for American Girl dolls and Our Generation Dolls.

I added piping, which I’m not sure I’d do again. It is regular sized piping and it made my seams a bit thick.  Instead, I might try baby sized piping, but at least it gave me a chance to try out a new skill.  I also really like the different ways I can add little embellishments. I’m not sure what look I like best! If you haven’t had a chance to check out her work, you should! Apple has a lot of different types of patterns for sale- both clothing and shoes- to download and sew one up today!  I give her the Oh Sewn by Kat! Seal of Approval! pdf sewing patterns for dolls

Here’s a link to Appletotes & co.  facebook page.  Be sure to tell her Kat sent you!

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