Step it UP: Popsicle Tops – Easy Sewing Hacks for Doll Tops

Last week, I was finalizing the PDF file for my free pattern (Did you get yours yet? It’s my free gift to you when you sign up to receive the Oh Sew Kat Chat! Click here.)  As I was taking photographs of my Animator dolls, I realized I didn’t have very many colors of tops to go with the cute skirts.  And even though white goes with everything, only one doll could wear it at a time!  This weekend, I set out to create a rainbow of tops for my dolls (both sizes) and I had a little fun at the same time.

I used my own reversible Popsicle Top pattern.  It takes very little fabric and stitches up quickly.  Here I’ll show you a few ways you can take this simple look and “Step it Up”.

Oh Sew Kat Popsicle Top reversible doll shirt pattern

The first thing I did was to choose two different shades of each color. Normally, I line most of my doll clothes using a white layer cake from Kona Cottons (easy to manage and easy to grab!)  Because the Popsicle Top is reversible, I can get two tops at once.  By using similar colors, I don’t have to worry about a red peaking out from behind a blue. And when I go to mix and match, I’ve got two greens and two yellows so now I have a better chance of having something to match.

OhSewKat popsicle top pdf doll pattern-014

Yes, it involved a ton of thread changes…but in the end, I have this fabulous rainbow of Popsicle Tops!

Oh Sew Kat Popsicle Top reversible doll shirt pattern

As I worked my way through my rainbow, I wanted to STEP IT UP a bit and try to make the tops look a little different (read fancier), while still being simple, monochromatic pieces.  After all, I’m using them to show off cute skirts, right?   I picked a few decorative stitches off my machine, and added it before the front is sewn to the lining. (I pieced the backs to the front, then did my decorative stitching, then sewed the front and back together together.)

Here I added a ring of flowers around the neckline (be sure to leave room for your seam allowance.  I used tailor’s chalk to create a smooth line to follow along.)

OhSewKat popsicle top pdf doll pattern-023

And here I added the stitching parallel to the hem line.

OhSewKat popsicle top pdf doll pattern-022

I also made some mistakes- but I saved them!   This blue top was supposed to look just like the one above…but I stitched the pieces together incorrectly and the stitching was on the inside of the front. (Of course!)  I trimmed it off, added ricrac, and then stitched new pieces back on and added topstitching, to not only give a cute pieced look, but to fix that silly mistake.

OhSewKat popsicle top pdf doll pattern-024

This yellow top ended up being one of my favorites.  But as I put my fronts to backs, I realized the darker yellow front was wider than the pale yellow. I’m not quite sure how that happened, possibly during my cutting marathon.  The pattern piece must not have been exactly on the fold.  I figured out how much too big it was…and stitched that with wrong sides together, then pressed it open and flat, to make a faux placket.  Add lace or trim before you topstitch the edges down.   If you want to add this cute look to your top, simply move your pattern piece 3/8 from the fold, and then stitch your seam at that same 3/8 inch. (3/4th inch for 18 inch dolls works too). It’s an easy way to dress up your simple top and STEP IT UP! (It will also make your neckline and hem a little more bulky- stitch slowly to keep your lines straight.)  See how cute this looks on a dress HERE.

Oh Sew Kat Popsicle Top reversible doll shirt pattern

Pretty lace is always a classic…so I used that as well.  So What color will you make your Popsicle Top?

Oh Sew Kat Popsicle Top reversible doll shirt pattern

Or will you make it in all of the colors?  Hop on over to my Inspiration Gallery to see more of this versatile pattern!  And check out this POST which shows how to make the Popsicle Top into a cute crop top!

Oh Sew Kat Popsicle Top reversible doll shirt pattern

Share your stepped up Popsicle Tops with hashtags #ohsewkat and #popsicletop.

To purchase a copy of this easy pattern, click HERE for American Girl size and HERE for Disney Animator size.  It’s also available foro Bitty Baby and Wellie wishers dolls.


Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls



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