Easter Skirt for American Girl and Animator Dolls

Easter is sooo early this year.  I bought this fabric so long ago, you know, in order to be ready to sew something cute for Easter. And all of a sudden, wow, it’s March and not only March, but Easter! With an Irish Dancer in the house, as well as lots of boys (I have two almost grown sons), March Madness is busy enough.  Add Easter into that mix, and wow.  Here we go!!

I did take advantage of the quick nature of the Four Season Skirt and whipped up some sparkly Easter skirts for the girls. I think since Easter is in March, they probably need a sweater to go with it, but alas, that shall await another day!!

The Four Season skirt is super simple and super fun. I bet you can’t make just one!  Grace looks so good in pinks and pastels, don’t you think?

Oh Sew Kat doll skirt pattern Four Season Skirt

And seriously, Anna looks amazing in anything.  She’s just so lovable with those eyes!!  I bet she’d look even better with a blue or pink top on.

OhSewKat 4 Season Skirt pdf doll pattern-9

What? You don’t have the pattern? No worries, get it HERE when you subscribe to my email list, the Oh Sew Kat Chat!

Easter Sewing!! Share yours today and add #ohsewkat so I can see and share it too!



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