I made “tiny pants!” Join the Mini Doll Craze

Wow! Have you seen the explosion of the mini doll market lately? You can now find all sorts of mini dolls and accessories in Target, on Amazon, plus American Girl did a revamp to their mini doll line as well.  They now offer the dolls of the year as mini dolls, and they did a complete revamp of the entire BeForever line.

FYI.  I have purchased a few of the new dolls (and between my daughter and I we own ALL of the old styled ones…) but until now they never really inspired me much.  (I usually pick them up here and there on Amazon for pretty cheap…Lea Clark is available in some Targets for $9.99, and the Book Depository is another site to keep an eye out for mini doll sales…)

Maybe it’s the modern doll (we have Grace), or maybe it was just timing, but even though I swore I would never sew anything this small, check out this adorable outfit I made!

Doll patterns for american girl dolls by oh sew kat

Doll patterns for american girl dolls by oh sew kat


I used this pattern which you can buy here.  Merry Manatees does a great job, not only with her perfect pattern pieces, but with extra tips and tricks for sewing such small doll clothes.Mini doll clothes pdf pattern sewn by Oh sew kat

Playclothes Please by Merry Manatees

She also offers a nightgown and sleeping bag set– which has so much little girl play value!

These little clothes are so fun to make simply because they are so stinkin’ cute at this size! You need so little fabric…you could use 5 inch charm squares for goodness sake.  This pattern offers a modern fit with easy construction and cute accessories (tutu and belt) as well.

Even the boys in my family were impressed with my “tiny pants”.  Go ahead and give it a try…it’s fun to say you did! Check out this and the other Merry Manatees patterns at Pixie Faire as I give it the Sewn by Kat Stamp of Approval!

Oh Sew Kat sewing patterns dolls easy to sew

Grace’s outfit was made using the Boardwalk Boutique pattern.  The instructions say to trim one inch from the top if adding a ruffle, but on this one, I didn’t trim at all and ended up with a cute sundress!!

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls



One thought on “I made “tiny pants!” Join the Mini Doll Craze

  1. Linda Miller says:

    Your mini outfit for little Grace turned out great! I am so addicted to sewing (and designing) the mini clothes – so easy and quick. My granddaughter got me started because she loves the minis and almost always has a mini in her backpack or purse :-). She is the inspiration for most of my designs. She’ll email me her sketch and say, “Grandma, would you be able to make this for Maryellen?” We play and sew for hours and hours…very cherished moments for us both.

    Watch for my new patterns coming soon: Matching “Catching Z’s” summer pajamas for both the 18″ girls and for the 6″ minis. Easy to make and they slip on and off – no velcro!

    Sign up for my e-news and receive a free pattern: http://www.merrymanatees.com


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