Wellie Wishers by American Girl – Coming Soon!

Okay, so have you seen this?

Sewing patterns wellie wishers doll by oh sew kat

There is a new doll line being released by American Girl next week aimed at the 4-7 year old. They are called the Wellie Wishers and include five adorable dolls with a garden type theme, wellie rain boots and lots of fun accessories.

I will be getting one. Or two. Or more by next week. They arrive on June 23rd.  I CANNOT wait to begin to sew for these girlies.  Yes, I will be resizing and releasing my patterns for these cuties. My daughter would have been all over them when she was that age.  (As fun and funky as groovy girls…but maybe not quite so floppy? And changeable clothes and shoes? Yes, please!)

So check back soon to hear about getting your free version of the FOUR SEASON SKIRT for Wellie Wishers that is first on my list for a resize.  I’m hoping the Hearts for Hearts patterns are very similar in size, but we won’t know until next weekend. Until then, read all the news and see more photos at http://www.Americangirl.com.


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