Sewing Patterns for Wellie Wishers by American Girl

Everyone is really excited about the arrival of the Welliewisher dolls from American Girl ®.  Including me! Their cute faces are hard to resist.  I do live close enough to drive to an American Girl store, so I will be bringing someone home this Saturday!! In the meantime, how about a free pattern to get you started sewing for your Wellies?  Yes, I will be resizing my current pattern catalog to fit these cute, new dolls.  And the good news is, I have three currently in testing, so you may not have to wait too terribly long!

I published the Four Season Skirt for Hearts for Hearts and Les Cheries dolls in February. It is available exclusively on Craftsy.  I can confirm the the Welliewisher dolls also have approximately a six inch waist. (Some H4H actually have a waist that is a little smaller than 6 inches)  This pattern should fit them too- it will need a little tweaking- because even though the waist measurement is the same, Wellie Wishers have thicker legs and bigger hips.  Maybe add an inch or so to each fabric piece and use 1/8 inch elastic only (easier to slip on and off!) but it’s a great way to get started on a few wardrobe changes for your new Welliewisher dolls. And you can make this cute top for Wellies too!


craftsy H4H skirt 2

The Popsicle Top pattern will also fit the Welliewisher ® dolls.  As is, it looks like a crop top, but it does fit. You can easily make it longer or add a thicker lace to the bottom.  I don’t have a Wellies doll myself just yet, so maybe stitch it up with your less favorite fabric first 🙂  I will update this post when I have a doll in my hand and can share some photos with you.  In the meantime, start sewing for your Wellies today and share your creations with #ohsewkat!

OSK H4H Popsicle Top Cover

UPDATE:  Yes, the free skirt pattern needs a little more fabric to get over those hips.  I’ll have an updated file on Sunday, 6-25-16.


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