Wellie Wisher Camille in her new clothes

Meet Camille!! At 14.5 inches tall, she is the same height as my Hearts for Hearts doll.  She has a thicker body and a 6 inch waist.  Her legs are much thicker as well.  She’s a good sport! She spent the day trying on all of the clothes I have on hand for the Hearts for Hearts dolls.  They fit with some good, but mixed results.

Pants:  any loose fitting pants work, but tight pants (like the jean shorts the H4H came in) won’t go up over her hips- too small.

The Popsicle Top fits.  It sits a little higher on her waist.  You can buy the pattern here in my etsy shop or at Pixie Faire.

The Four Season Skirt fits if I used the 1/8 inch elastic.  The ones that I made with 1/4 inch elastic work great for the Hearts for Hearts, but were just too tight to get on the Welliewisher.  I still think adding 1/2 inch to the two fabric pieces and using 1/8 inch elastic makes the fit a little better and it’s certainly easier to get it on and off the doll.  The dolls are made for children to play with, and dressing them up is part of the fun!  The length is perfect.  Find the pattern at http://www.craftsy.com. I will be publishing an updated version for Wellie Wishers this week.

I have three patterns currently in testing,  so stay tuned to sewing your Wellie Wishers a fun, playful wardrobe!


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