It’s Tester Tuesday! Boardwalk Boutique for Animator Dolls

Have you stitched up a Boardwalk Boutique outfit for your doll? This week this popular pattern will be released in a new, smaller size for WellieWishers and Hearts for Hearts dolls.  In the meantime…

It’s Tester Tuesday.  Here is a darling outfit made by Nina Self of IrishEyesCrafts.  Snow White is feeling cool in the summer heat!!

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Buy the Boardwalk Boutique for Animators or American Girl sized dolls HERE.

Boardwalk Boutique sewing pattern for animators and welliewishersBoardwalk Boutique sewing pattern for animators and welliewishers

Boardwalk Boutique makes a cute sundress too!!

Animator doll sewing pattern by Oh Sew Kat!