New Sewing Pattern! Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice! Sewing Patterns for Animators

I’m super excited about my newest patterns for your 16 inch Animators sized dolls. The Sugar n Spice Dress and Everything Nice Accessories PDF patterns work together to create an entire character, dress up wardrobe with just a few basic accessories.  Designed for your child’s little hands, you can make a bunch of these easy pieces for a quick “dress up -costume” with mix and match wardrobe fun!

These 2 patterns are available exclusively in my etsy shop.  Choose the dress, or the accessories, or save a few dollars with the BUNDLE and get them both!  Coming soon for Wellies and 18 inch dolls!

Be sure to check out the amazing Oh Sew Kat! Testers’ creations in my Inspiration Gallery!!

I can’t wait to see who  your doll wants to be!!

Animators 18 inch wellie wishers doll clothes patterns sewing by oh sew kat


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