Everything Nice for Animators

My newest release, Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice is now available for Animators dolls.  These cutie princesses are perfect for your girl to dress and redress- and this pattern will help!

You can download the pattern bundle here on Etsy.  Both the dress pattern and accessory pattern are also sold separately, but they are currently exclusively available on etsy.com.

I know I couldn’t afford every princess doll that came along when my Molly was five…so that is where my sewing machine came in.  My daughter’s first real doll was named Dorothy.  When Molly was into Cinderella….Dorothy got a Cinderella dress.  A month later when the princess of the week was Belle, in came the yellow organza.  I bought some (honest answer) and I made some…but Dorothy stayed the same through it all. One doll- with a whole closet full of princess dresses….just waiting for her little self to decide who she would be that day.

The Animators line of dolls by Disney don’t necessarily break our bankrolls like some of the other dolls we sew for in our house…but space can become an issue and I created this pattern to give you a basic canvas to work with…and some basic accessories to try to create any character you can think of.  Does she like the Little Mermaid?  Make her a blue skirt and corset for her town dress…add a white peplum to a pink dress for another look…you can really have fun with this one!! Build an every day wardrobe, and a dress up costume box at the same time! Share online with hashtag #ohsewkat!

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