It’s Tester Tuesday! Boardwalk Boutique for WellieWishers dolls

sewing patterns for wellie wishers dolls by oh sew kat

I post photos on Tuesday of the amazing doll clothes that the Oh Sew Kat! Testers make as they help me finalize each pattern.  They help me make sure that all the bugs are worked out before I send it out for you.  They are a huge help in the pattern design part and I appreciate every one of them.  If you like what you see, be sure to stop by, visit their shops and say “Hi.”

Today, enjoy these amazing photos from Pam Ray of the Boardwalk Boutique pattern for Wellie Wishers.  Pam always uses the cutest fabrics and since each of these dolls has a theme, she picked a bright “fishy” fabric for Camille to model.  It shows off her beautiful eyes!  Camille is fascinated by everything having to do with the ocean.

See more of Pam at Amy Violet’s on Facebook and purchase some of her darling outfits in her Etsy shop here.

Purchase the Boardwalk Boutique pattern for WellieWishers here.

Share your own creations with hashtag “ohsewkat”!

See more WellieWishers fashions here and more Boardwalk Boutique here.  Boardwalk Boutique is also available for 18 inch dolls like American Girl and 16 inch Disney Animator dolls.  This pattern will fit Hearts for Hearts dolls too (with a slightly looser fit.)

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls