Tester Tuesday: Last Bits of Summer!

As the evenings cool down and the trees start to turn, we can take one last peek at summer’s joy.  Oh Sew Kat! fashions work year round, so enjoy some of these special summer outfits sewn by Diane of 18onMain. She used the Sunshine Dress pattern, as well as the Popsicle Top and Sixth Grade Skirt.  I love the “summer kissed” looks her dolls have.  Oh Sew Kat! WellieWishers™ patterns also fit Hearts for Hearts dolls with abit looser fit.


Here’s the links to buy the patterns so you can stitch up these same outfits today!

Sunshine Dress for WellieWishers™

Boardwalk Boutique for WellieWishers™

Sixth Grade Skirt for WellieWishers™

Popsicle Top for WellieWishers™

Find these same patterns for 18 dolls like American Girl® and Disney® Amimators on in my Etsy Shop and on Pixie Faire.




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