New pattern for WellieWishers™: Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice

I have just listed my latest pattern, Sugar n Spice & Everything Nice, in my ETSY Shop and you can find it on Pixie Faire.  It is available for Wellie Wishers and for Animator dolls.  It is in testing for 18 inch girls, so I hope they don’t feel left out!!  Oh wow, am I in love with this pattern. Talk about the only doll pattern you may ever need! Not only does every doll need a “go to” basic dress…, but when you can turn it into a dress up wardrobe with just a little effort, really, what’s not to love!!

With two sleeve options (really 3!) the Sugar n Spice Dress can stand all on its own!!  But read on, because you probably want to save a few $$ and get the pattern bundle!  The puffed sleeve looks so sweet with a cute little dart…the perfect place for a little button or bow accent, as you can see below on Camille’s pink dress.  For Willa’s green dress, I left the dart out and made an bell-ish sleeve. (Kendall’s dress also has the sleeve dart.)

Sewing patterns for animators welliewishers 18 inch doll by oh sew kat

Sugar n Spice also comes with a sweet and simple BONUS apron. Below, I took some eyelet trim, and cut off the top, gathered edge. Then I regathered it myself (is that a word?) to make this adorable look!

Sewing patterns for animators welliewishers 18 inch doll by oh sew kat

Does Sugar n Spice work for Hearts for Hearts dolls?  Sure!!! I like a loose fit on my dolls, and H4H are a little smaller around the middle, so before you stitch the velcro, (or maybe before you add the skirt if you really like a fitted look!) you should measure and test the fit on your own doll. But yes, it can work.

Oh Sew Kat sewing patterns for dolls. Welliewishers pattern fits hearts for hearts too.

Okay, so as cute as the dress is…and it is cute!! You will want it for your doll closet simply because it’s such a great “go to for anything” dress…but wait!! There’s more!!! (All this…and it’s a BED!! LOL, okay, it’s not also a bed;  that is totally an inside family joke…maybe my VT son is reading this…at least he will get it! But apparently, in Sweden, there are some pieces of furniture that act as beds and so much more..and I mean soooo much…maybe we shouldn’t believe everything we read on the internet?  😉

Now it’s time to take the basic dress (Sew it up in a few basic colors…and see where you end up!) and add a few “simple to make” accessories…a corset, a tutu, an over skirt (pulled up to peplums or not), or a cape….Like this…I sewed the green dress to give me a basic work piece…then I found some shamrock buttons…and off I go…

Sewing patterns doll clothes welliewishers animators 18 inch American girl dolls

And then I kept going…mixing and matching the pieces I had sewn, maybe adding one or two more as inspiration hit…but all of these designs an be created from the same basic pieces…sewn in a coordinating color palette (think holidays!!!) and create all these looks…plus how many more?

Sewing patterns doll clothes by Oh Sew kat for welliewishers and american girl dolls

So now are you ready?  Click here to go to my ETSY shop and download your Sugar n Spice bundle, which includes the dress, the pinafore, plus 5 easy accessories, and share your outfits online with hashtag #ohsewkat. Yes, 18 inch size is on the way!! I’ll be sure to let you know because you will want to have that one too! Have fun with this one- especially with Halloween coming…who does your doll want to be? Check back in a few days to see the Sugar n Spice Costume Parade!!  Also available at PixieFaire!  Be sure to check out the INSPIRATION GALLERY!!!  More coming soon!

Sewing patterns for dolls