Angel Tree Donation Doll Clothes & Special Holiday Pattern Bundle

This holiday season, my daughter’s school has an angel tree.  Each student was asked to pick an ornament and buy a gift for a local child. The local children had certain requests, and the students divided the ornaments up so each one had about the same value.  There were three ornaments asking for a $25 gift card to Kohl’s to combine together for the mother to buy an American Girl Doll.


It took a few emails, but I was able to determine that the doll requested was the 18 inch doll of the year, Leah, not the smaller WellieWishers. These are the only dolls available at Kohl’s.  I set to work to make up a few “outfits” to go with our gift card.  Here is what I finally settled on.  Find the links to buy these patterns at the end of this post. I also put together a special HOLIDAY BUNDLE of these four patterns at a special price in my Etsy shop.

First up, pajamas.  Every doll needs comfy Pj’s.  It’s winter here, so I didn’t want to do a shortie nightie (April Moon pattern), but the Playtime Peasant pattern offered a perfect top! I did it in a soft flannel.  The pants are from the April Moon pattern.  If I was to do it again, I’d probably make the pants long pants instead of capris.

I recently did a few Sugar n Spice dresses from a pretty holly print.  I decided the dress (and the matching shoes I made) would be included as well as a bright over skirt for even more options.  I added some length to the sleeves of the Sugar n Spice puffed sleeve to make it a long sleeve dress.  The shoe pattern is called “Plain Janes” and is by LuvUBunches.  This was my first pair of shoes I ever made!

Finally, I wanted to make something that tied directly to the Girl of the Year, Leah.  Her entire collection is a tropical theme, and I found this bright parrot fabric in my stash.  Boardwalk Boutique makes a perfect tropical outfit, and is so quick and easy!


Overall, I’m very excited for this little girl, whomever she is, to wake up on Christmas morning and find a Leah doll under her tree, along with a few special clothes too.  I hope she likes them.  🙂  Does your family do anything special for others this holiday season?

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat! Wellie wishers doll clothes

Here are the patterns I used: Find them in my ETSY SHOP!  Get all four and SAVE with the Etsy Exclusive Holiday Bundle! (No substitutions or refunds on any pattern bundles.)

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls