A few of my Favorite Things. Must have sewing notions and tools.

A new year is here!! It’s time to clean up the sewing area and start brainstorming projects for 2017.  Before I dive into a fresh year of sewing, I thought I’d share 5 of  my “must have” tools and notions for doll clothes sewing (or any sewing really!)  These simple tools can make sewing smaller doll clothes a little easier and you can find all of them on Amazon.

Best sewing notions for doll clothes at Oh Sew Kat

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1. Bodkin.

The tool I reach for more than any other, is a plain, old simple bodkin.  This one is my favorite.  It’s the best tool to use with those tiny pieces of thin elastic in doll sleeves and waistbands such as Playtime Peasant skirts and tops.  I keep two on hand at all times.  (I also use either end to poke out seams, corners, and collars.)

2.  FasTurns

I have had this set of FastTurns for years–probably 20 years at least.  They come in a set of multiple sizes and are sturdy to last a long time. I use these nearly every time I sew. I use them for obvious turning tasks, like straps, belts, key layards, headbands…but I also reach for them every time I make a lined bodice (like my Popsicle Top or Sugar n Spice Pinafore pattern).  These little wire twisty gripper things make an otherwise tedious task of flipping a bodice inside out a breeze.  I especially like them for the smaller clothes for the Hearts for Hearts dolls and WellieWishers.


3.  Purple Thang

This one is just cute.  The Purple Thang is handy for tiny collars and seams and for getting down into tiny points of doll clothes.  It’s not a huge investment, but one you will not regret.  I use it a lot when adding pockets to Sandbox Shorts.

Sewing tools for making doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat

4.  Scotch Tape.

I’m not sure if we can consider this a sewing tool, but I always make sure my sewing space has a good stock of Scotch Magic Tape. This tape is easy to remove and I use it often to hold small lace and trims in place, and when installing zippers.

5.  5 in 1 Sliding Hem Gauge

This is a fancy name for a very useful tool, the Clover Sliding Gauge .   This handy tool is adjustable and works great in the sewing room and for paper crafting. Use it to check and mark hems, sleeve casings, and so much more.

Best sewing notions for doll clothes at Oh Sew Kat


So there’s my Favorite Five for 2017.  Use these few tools to make sewing your doll clothes a little easier and a little more fun.  We’re going to have a great sewing year ahead, stop by again soon!

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