Happy New Year!

Here at Oh Sew Kat!, 2016 was an amazing year.  I loved seeing my pattern designs not only come to life on paper/computer and on our own dolls, but in photos on your dolls as well!

In 2016, I published patterns in 5 different doll sizes.  You can now find patterns for your 18 dolls, WellieWishers, Disney Animators’, Hearts for Hearts, and Bitty Baby dolls in my Etsy Shop.  I appreciate every single one of  you that has purchased my patterns and supported my efforts in all of my shops around the web.  Please continue to share your beautiful doll clothes!

Thank you so much!!!

There’s much more in store for 2017 ~ be sure to check back often!!  Happy New Year to you and to yours. Let’s make it another great year.

sewing patterns for wellie wishers dolls clothes oh sew kat

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Sewing patterns for dolls


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