Tester Tuesday! School Dance Dress for WellieWishers dolls.

School dance dress doll clothes pattern for welliewishersToday’s tester feature shows the beautiful work of Kel Pederson…of Nuclear Needle Arts.  She is a productive woman, be sure to keep an eye on her shop which is always full of cute doll clothes! You can also find Kel at local craft shows. Visit her on Facebook to see more.

Nuclear Needle Arts on Etsy.

Kel’s Willa doll has a new hairdo- but her School Dance Dresses are perfect for the cooler weather.

welliewishers dress sewing pattern by ohsewkat

oh sew kat sewing patterns for dolls like wellie wishers



The School Dance Dress pattern is also available for 18 inch dolls like American Girl and 16 inch dolls like Disney Animator Dolls in my Etsy Shop and on Pixie Faire.

Sewing patterns for dolls


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