American Girl Product Review: Tenney Grant Spotlight Outfit

I love looking over the American Girl website when they have a new release.  It’s always fun to see what they have come up with now.  This past week, AG introduced two new characters:  Tenney Grant and her bandmate and friend, Logan Everett.

Sewing patterns for doll clothes by OH Sew Kat

Yes, American Girl has finally released a boy doll!! I have not seen either doll in person, and I have not decided whether or not either of them will come live at our house just yet, (we seem to have quite enough dolls around here ;), but I did purchase two of Tenney’s darling outfits and will give you my thoughts on them.  They are the Spotlight Outfit and the Picnic Outfit. Today, I’ll share my thoughts on the Spotlight Outfit.

Sewing patterns for doll clothes by OH Sew Kat










When I opened the shipping box, I was surprised to see the new packaging.  Yes, I knew it existed, and had seen photos, but it still was a little surprising after years and years of red boxes.  I have to say, I’m very impressed!! The full outfit is in view, and in the case of the spotlight skirt, it is not folded!! This makes me very happy. The box is cut to sort of act as built in hangers…so the clothes slide easily off and there are no tags.  I had to undo some tape at the back to release the edges, and there were strings holding the top in place, but the shirt slipped right off without any issue. Well done, AG, well done!!

Sewing patterns for doll clothes by OH Sew Kat

First of all, the reason I bought this outfit is because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this lace shirt. It looks like something every girl seems to be wearing these days.  I bought the outfit simply for this shirt. It’s well made, bright white and will make a lovely mix and match item for any doll’s wardrobe!  The lace detail at the neck is stunning!  The skirt is also very pretty- I love the whole look; the skirt is really sparkly and fun, although I do have it admit, it’s a little hard to get on and off of the doll.  It’s a tight fit on Kelly here, and she’s one of my slimmer dolls. The headband is cute, but not very heavy, so I had a hard time getting it to stay where I wanted it.  And finally, the boots, well, let’s just say that if you are going to have western boots, they really should sparkle! I felt that that lace top and the fun boots made this outfit a good investment, even for someone like me, who sews more doll clothes than I buy.

Sewing patterns for doll clothes by OH Sew Kat

I used my FOUR SEASON SKIRT pattern to make a quick floral skirt to pair with the lace top.  This pattern is free when you subscribe to my email list, the Oh Sew Kat! chat.  It’s quick and easy and looks great in every fabric for every season, including looking really nice with Tenney’s pretty lace top.  I also think it will look nice with the a-line Sixth Grade Skirt as well.  I’ll have to make one of those up next!

Sew doll clothes for Tenney Grant with Oh Sew kat patterns

Overall, I think this outfit is a great value for the money. I’ll give it an A- (cheap headband and super tight waistband) and I’ll see what I can match the sparkly pink skirt with next, as well as share Picnic Outfit in the weeks ahead.  What will you mix and match Tenney’s pretty, lace top with?

See a few other fashion ideas for Tenney here and here.  Or find the directions to add lace to a simple ruffled skirt to give it a country look here.

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  1. jennifer zogg says:

    I have been wishing I had added this one to our Tenney order. I just might have to go back for it! I love your skirt with this top too. That skirt lends itself well to Tenney’s style.

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