Tester Tuesday: Freya’s Friends

This Tester Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of a young doll enthusiast named Freya.  Freya is 6 years old and lives in Northern Ireland; her mom is one of my amazing sewing pattern testers.  I’ve never met Freya, but her sense of style really comes through as she dresses her dolls, poses their photos, and chooses fabrics and patterns for their outfits.



Her mother says she’s quite the little “assistant” when she’s testing.  She helps pin the patterns (with wonderclips) and I’m sure it won’t be long before I add her to my tester list on her own! Please enjoy Freya’s photographs of her special doll collection of friends in their HalterAlls outfits.  Here’s a review Freya wrote for this pattern, which is one of her favorites!

Freya:  I really love this pattern because it is the perfect go anywhere outfit, my dolls wear it to go shopping, walk their dogs, play with their friends and go on holiday if you buy no other pattern you need to buy this one!!!!

Thank you for the endorsement, Freya!!  😉

Halteralls sewing pattern by OH Sew Kat

The HalterAlls pattern is easy to sew with just a small amount of fabric (fat quater friendly!) and is available in four sizes:  18 inch dolls, 16 inch Animators’, 14.5 WellieWishers (also fits Hearts for Hearts Girls) and 15 inch Bitty Baby dolls.  Find them all in my SHOP.  See more HalterAlls samples HERE.

HalterAlls sewing pattern for doll clothes Oh Sew kat

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