Fasturns: The Easy Way to Flip Your Fabric When you Sew

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If you’ve done very much sewing for our small vinyl friends (aka dolls), you have run across a pattern or two that asks you to turn something inside out. I do it all the time in my patterns!  And you look at that tiny little piece you so lovingly cut from the special fabric and think, “Huh? Seriously?”  I want to share one of my favorite products with you, as well as show you, step by step, how to use them.

Introducing:  Fasturn Fabric Turners!.  This set, available on Amazon, is the one I have. I bought it at least 19 years ago (rough estimation based on military housing assignment and ages of children that were around at that time).  I love these things!!  I use them daily when I sew!  I use them to turn the straps on Boardwalk Boutique halter tops and HalterAlls. I use them every time I make a Popsicle Top, a Sugar n Spice pinafore, or a Bloomer Buddies top.  If you make the investment in these, you won’t regret it!  No more safety pins, ripped seams, and frayed edges! I promise!

Here’s what they look like:

Fasturn tutorial by Oh Sew kat! doll clothes

Sure,they don’t look like much. Brass tubes and some wire “thingy”s; okay, wire hooks if you will.  They come in sets of six sizes.  Here’s a step by step break down of how to use them to turn a doll’s bodice (like Bloomer Buddies, Sugar n Spice, Popsicle Top etc.) Turning the straps of any outfit will work the same way.  Instructions are beneath each set of pictures.  (Please note, these photos were taken of a WellieWishers™ sized top.)

Fasturn Tutorial by Oh Sew Kat!

1. Stitch as the pattern directs.

2. Choose the largest Fasturn tube that will slide into the opening or strap.

3. Insert the Fasturn into your opening.

4. Feed a wire hook into the tube (make sure it’s longer than your tube is- there are two sizes of hooks) and fold the fabric over the opening in a single layer, turning the wire in a clockwise direction to “screw” it out the top through your fabric.

5. Ensure the top of the wire doesn’t catch on the side of the tube, (I guide it with my finger as I start to pull) and slowly pull the fabric into the tube, pulling gently towards you.

Fasturns 2

6.  As you pull, the fabric will start to feed into the tube and resist a bit.  Pull about 1-2 inches (until it feels like you may be forcing it) and then pull your fabric back up over the tube to expose the part you are pulling out.

7.  Now you can see what you are doing more clearly;  pull the tube towards you and away from your fabric. (the hook is still secured to the fabric.)

8.  Turn the wire in a counter-clockwise direction to twist it out of your fabric.

9.  Carefully continue to pull with your hands.

10.  Continue to pull the fabric until it all slides out towards you.

Fasturns 3

11.  Pull the final fabric through and

12.  Press your flipped fabric!  Whoo hoo! Wasn’t that so much easier?

You can also view a quick video on YOU TUBE, that shows how to turn a tube, and fill it with cord in just one step.  Have you bought a set of Fasturns? How do you use them? Respond in the comments below and share your ideas!


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