Easy Easter Dresses for Dolls

If your doll lover is anything like the one that lives in my house, you are “on the hook” to make said doll family a new outfit every holiday.  Although very fun to do (who doesn’t love sewing up cute bunny fabric dresses?)…the problem really is that you (not said doll lover, am I right?) has to store that cute bunny dress for about 364 other days of the year.  Considering there is almost a major holiday per month in the year, that can add up to a bit of space if there is more than one doll at your house.  Well, lucky for you!! I have a solution, and I think you will really like it!

Remember the Sugar n Spice pattern? It’s available in three sizes (so far!) on Pixie Faire, Etsy, You Can Make This, and also Craftsy.  Notice the yellow and green dresses below…

Sewing patterns for wellie wishers and 18 inch American Girl dolls

and here:

American Girl doll clothes sewing patterns by Oh Sew kat

Ready to have your mind blown?  Same dresses!!! New overskirts!! Isn’t this Henry Glass fabric just perfect for dolls?

Doll dresses Easter by oh sew kat sewing pattern

So if that’s not enough to convince you…just remember that these same dresses were super cute Halloween costumes last October….and in March I matched them up with shamrock skirts and pinafores… well.  Let’s just say a few “well planned” solid color dresses could be your new answer! Need a few more reasons?

  • Yellow:  Belle, Easter, spring, summer, Fall
  • Light Blue:  Easter, Cinderella, spring, 4th of July, Elsa, snowflakes, penguins
  • Green:  Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, frogs
  • Purple:  Rapunzel
  • White: Do you really need a list? You should really sew one this first!!
  • Red:  Valentine’s Day, Christmas, 4th of July, also works for some fall fashions
  • Pink:  Sleeping Beauty, Valentine’s Day, spring, Easter
  • Black:  Halloween and pretty much EVERYTHING else 😉
  • Orange:  Halloween, fall, witches, pirates

Sewing pattern for 18 inch welliewishers animators dolls by oh sew kat

So you’re welcome, Mama.

Easy doll dresses by Oh Sew Kat sewing patternsEaster Dress Sugar n spice sewing pattern for dolls (2)

Choose a few solid colors and stitch up the Sugar N Spice dress.  Use your specialty fabric for a cute overskirt- a skirt and waistband…so quick and easy! Less fabric to store. Less time to sew.  Fewer clothes to store the rest of the year.  WIN!!!

Don’t forget the rest of the accessories included in the Everything Nice pattern or the Bundle (18 inch size).

Sugar n Spice Dress for Wellie Wishers and Hearts for Hearts (available as dress only, or bundle file)

Sugar n Spice for 16 inch dolls like Disney Animators

Sugar n Spice for 18 inch dolls like Our Generation and American Girl dolls

See more ideas to use your Sugar N Spice/Everything Nice pattern HERE!!

Sewing patterns for dolls

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