Nanea’s Wardrobe:  Make a Hawaiian Muumuu Dress with the Playtime Peasant Top pattern by Oh Sew Kat!

Everyone is going hog wild for Hawaiian fashions with American Girl’s release of the 1940s doll, Nanea Mitchell.  (Pronounced Na-Nay-Uh).  Enjoy this second way to make a Hawaiian dress for your doll.

Sewing for dolls Hawaiian dress from Oh Sew Kat

Part Two:  Playtime Peasant Top!Sewing patterns for Nanea Hawaiian Dresses by ohsewkatNanea lives in Hawaii in 1941, at the time of the Pearl Harbor Attack.  Read more about her in her books by American Girl® here (affiliate link from Amazon).  You can make beautiful Hawaiian dresses for Nanea or any of her doll friends with sewing patterns you may already own from Oh Sew Kat! In this tutorial, use the Playtime Peasant Top to make a pretty, ruffled Muumuu.

Hawaiian Doll Dress Tutorial by Oh Sew Kat!

First, you need the pattern. This pattern is available in my Etsy Shop (also available for Animators and WellieWishers too!).  Click the image to purchase the digital sewing pattern and download and print it out on your home computer.

Sewing patterns for dolls by oh sew kat 18 inch welliewishers**This tutorial, or pattern hack, assumes you have a basic knowledge of sewing and is designed to show you how to make a few changes to the Oh Sew Kat! Playtime Peasant Top pattern to create a new outfit.  Please see the actual pattern for pattern pieces and more specific, step by step instructions.  See many more ways to make the Playtime Peasant Top in the Inspiration Gallery.

Step 1.  Cut out two bodice pieces, two short sleeves, one ruffle strip 3 x 20 inches for the neck, and one 3 x 32 inch strip for the hem ruffle. This purple dress was made with a neckline ruffle that measured 2 x 20 inches, so it’s a little shorter, but remember, you get to design it!  Choose the finished length you want your neck ruffle, and multiply it x 2.  Add 1/2 inch for seam allowances, and cut it to 20 inches in length.

Step 2.  Zigzag finish or serge one long edge of the ruffles.  Press up 1/4th inch and stitch in place. (You could also use a rolled hem on a serger!)

Hawaiian Dress for Nanea tutorial by Oh Sew Kat!

Step 3.  Stitch your bodice and sleeves pieces together as directed in the pattern.  Lay it out on your table with the right side facing up towards you and wrong side against the table.  Place the raw edge of the ruffle on the raw edge of the neckline, also with right side facing up.  Pin and stitch in place with a little less than a 1/4 inch seam.  Finish the edge with a serger if desired.  Press this edge down 3/8 inch to the wrong side to make a casing for the neck elastic.  It is a little thick, so use some steam. Feed the elastic through both layers and secure the ends as stated in the directions in the pattern.  Again, it’s a little thick, so just take it slowly. I always use a bodkin like this one.

Step 4.  Sew one side seam as directed in the pattern.  Open up your dress and with right sides together, pin the hemline ruffle to the raw, hem edge.  Stitch in place, and top stitch from the front, catching the seam allowance.  Complete the final steps for the other side seam per the pattern.  Once your dress is done, fluff up the ruffle around the neckline! Maryellen is ready for some fun at the luau!

Nanea style hawaiian dress pattern by OH Sew Kat.

Nanea Hawaiian Dress Tutorial by Oh Sew Kat!

See more ways to make your Playtime Peasant Top here and here.  Do you want to make more Hawaiian Muumuu dresses? See the other pattern hack/tutorials here,  here, and here.

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Sewing patterns for dolls

hawaiian muumuu sewing patterns for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!