Step it Up Series: Simple, Hawaiian MuuMuu for Nanea with the Sunshine Dress Pattern – Dress Pattern Hack!

You can create a beautiful Hawaiian dress for your Nanea (Na-nay-uh) doll or one of her friends from almost any dress pattern you own.  Use this quick tutorial to take the Sunshine Dress to a Hawaiian Muumuu.  Here is the 4th dress tutorial!

Hawaiian Dress sewing tutorial for dolls

Part Four! The Sunshine Dress.

Hawaiin Dress for dolls like Nanea Sewing Pattern by OhSewKat


If you look closely, you will find the fabric is what really makes your doll’s dress look Hawaiian.  Your Nanea or her friends will be thrilled with this modern take on a simple Hawaiian Muumuu dress.  I chose a bright, orange floral print.  Be sure the flowers are not too large for your doll, but with dresses like this, almost anything can work.

Doll sundress Hawaiian inspired doll dress 

First you will need the pattern.  Click the image below to go to  my Etsy Shop. (This pattern is also available for Animators and WellieWishers.) Sunshine Dress sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls

Step 1.  Choose your sunshine dress pattern view (Princess seam, solid front, or straight seamed front) and cut out all of the front, back and lining pieces as directed by the pattern.  No sleeves are needed.

Step 2.  Cut a strip of fabric to add to the hem of the dress as the ruffle.  I used 2 1/4 x 33 for a shorter, more modern look.  Traditional muumuus probably have a longer ruffle (3 x 33 inches).  Finish the bottom hem of the ruffle, by pressing up 1/4 inch and stitching in place.

Step 3.  Complete the Sunshine Dress according to the pattern instructions making it sleeveless, as seen in this tutorial here.  Add the ruffle to the bottom edge and top stitch. Do not finish the back edges yet.

Make a Hawaiian dress for your doll

Step 4.  Choose your trim to add to the neckline and hem.  I used a cute, gathered ribbon trim I had on hand.  Add your trim around the neckline and hemline, leaving a bit hanging over the back edge.  You can stitch in in place by machine or by hand.  Finish the back edge as directed by the pattern , catching trim ends.  If you don’t have trim you like, you can also make your own with fabric or ribbon. Create a fabric tube, or choose a wide ribbon and gather it down the center to create a ruffle.

Make a Hawaiian dress for Nanea tutorial

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Nanea's dress tutorial by Oh Sew Kat!

Harper and Nanea are ready to dance the hula at a luau!

sew a hawaiian dress for dolls**This tutorial, or pattern hack, assumes you have a basic knowledge of sewing, and is designed to show you how to make a few changes to the Oh Sew Kat! Sunshine Dress pattern to create a new look.  Please see the actual pattern for pattern pieces and more specific, step by step instructions.  See many more ways to make the Sunshine Dress in the Inspiration Gallery.

Tutorial to make a hawaiian dress for dolls

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Sewing patterns for dolls

Hawaiian Dresses for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Hawaiian sundress for Nanea tutorial by OH Sew Kat