Glitter Girls: New 14.5 inch Dolls from Our Generation at Target and Amazon

Brand new from Our Generation Dolls:  Introducing the Glitter Girls!  This post has affiliate links.  We just love the Wellie Wishers dolls here at Oh Sew Kat! The smiles, the freckles, the sparkling eyes.  But now, there are new dolls to join in the fun!  Here is Bluebell, a 14.5 inch Glitter Girls doll from Our Generation being sold at Amazon and Target.  And now, you can find the newest Glitter Girls dolls that can be posed- yep, their arms and legs bend! See THIS post for more on those new dolls.

New 14.5 inch dolls: Glitter Girls from our Generation

Glitter Girls Sewing Patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

Bluebell is one of five different dolls.  She has long brown hair and bright blue eyes. Her cute outfit is pink and silver with a big JO JO style bow. Her hair is super soft, full and shiny!!

Glitter Girls and Wellie Wishers dolls both fit 14.5 inch doll clothes.

Glitter Girls dolls Review by Oh Sew Kat (1)

Bluebell fits perfectly into the WellieWishers Party Time Dress because she is the exact same size! Yep, you read that right. Same size!! But get this. She’s only $19.99!  Check out her and her other glittering sisters HERE.

Glitter Girls Bluebell by Oh Sew kat fits Sugar n Spice dress sewing pattern (1)

Here she is in the Sugar n Spice Dress.  Ooh-la-la, those eyes!!

Glitter Girls Bluebell by Oh Sew kat fits Sugar n Spice dress sewing pattern

These dolls have pretty much an identical body as the Wellie Wishers by American Girl®.  They are also 14.5 inches tall and have the same size feet so they can share shoes, and clothes!  These dolls sell at Target and on Amazon for $19.99. There are accessories, clothes, and play sets too!  With that price tag, they are hard to resist as playmates for the Wellie Wishers, or all on their own. Here are the two I bought, still in their pretty purple boxes.  Fifer is the blonde, and I purchased her to make a raffle basket for my daughter’s dance school, so I have not taken her out of the box just yet.  So much pink! Little girls will love them!

Sewing patterns for Glitter Girls Dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Glitter Girls vs Wellie Wishers Dolls- a new doll review

Sewing Patterns for Glitter Girls Dolls at ohsewkat (4)

Each doll comes with a complete outfit plus shoes.  (No undies). It took a bit to cut them free from the boxes, and the clothes, hair, and bow were held down with a stitch, but overall, it was an easy release and the quality is really good!  They are sturdy dolls ready for play! 

Fifer’s eyes are a very pretty shade of green.  Very unique.  I think these girls have a little “older” look than the Wellies.

Sewing Patterns for Glitter Girls Dolls at ohsewkat (5)

The back of the hair has a nice “pigtail” part.  Well done!!

Sewing Patterns for Glitter Girls Dolls at ohsewkat (6)

Overall, I give these pretty, new dolls an A+ for quality and value.  You can’t beat the price to give your little girl a few new doll friends at a third of the price of a Wellie Wisher by American Girl®.  They will also be great for gift baskets and birthday presents.  You can use all your favorite Oh Sew Kat! sewing patterns to make the Glitter Girls an entire wardrobe of clothes as well. Win win!  What do you think of the Glitter Girls?  Will they join your doll family?

The Glitter Girls will fit in ALL Oh Sew Kat! 14.5 inch Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns.

Sew doll clothes for Glitter Girls dolls with easy Sewing Patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!
Glitter Girls dolls sewing pattern by oh sew kat

UPDATE:  There are new, poseable Glitter Girls dolls with cute, new faces! See more in THIS POST.

4 thoughts on “Glitter Girls: New 14.5 inch Dolls from Our Generation at Target and Amazon

  1. hahaurdednub says:

    Very thorough review! Are you also aware that there is a doll sold for $15 at Big Lots (Odd Lots in some regions of the US) that appears to have been made from the same mold as the Wellie Wishers…except for a few very minor changes? They are really cute, and have 4 teeth showing, instead of the 2 for WW. I’ve purchased some in each style to sew outfits to give away to little girls from our Angel Tree as Christmas gifts. The outfits they come with are adorable, but their shoes are very cheap and ill-fitting…but that’s okay…I’ll replace them. There are 3 different dolls…one AA, and two Caucasian dolls…one blonde and one redhead. I sure wish they had one that has Asian features…and another with Hispanic features, as I’m in TX and many of the families in need are Hispanic. But little girls will love a sweet doll to love, no matter it’s color!


    • OhSewKat! says:

      Yes, I had heard there was another doll but have not seen her in person yet. I agree, it’s wonderful to see some other options at lower price points– perfect for giveaways and Toys for Tots! Thanks for the information; I’ll have to check them out.


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