Celebration Dress Made by American Girl Review

I placed a few orders for some of American Girl’s new holiday dresses. I hate to spend so much money on them each year, but I often regret it because sometimes they are only available for a short time.  This year, I purchased the CELEBRATION DRESS and thought it would be so pretty on Nanea.

Celebration Dress by American Girl review on Oh Sew Kat

I was right. She looks dreamy in it!  I think the very top of the dress, although pretty, is very, very sheer. I can’t imagine it will withstand a lot of real doll play by real girls.Celebration dress for dolls on Nanea

Honestly, I really bought it for these amazing shoes.  I love doll shoes and I have been know to buy more than one outfit simply for the shoes.  These gold sparklers are so pretty with tiny bows in the back.  LOVE!


The crown is pretty, and the bracelet is a nice touch (although I tend to think they should both be pearls or both be sparkles, but maybe that is just me. )  I love the waistline sparkle!IMG_3121

Overall, I’d give this dress a solid B.  Maybe I’d bump it up to a B+ because of those gorgeous shoes.  The main reason is because of the delicate top.  Even for older girls, if it gets ripped, I think the dress might be ruined.  But otherwise, the mixture of textures with the lace and the tulle give a pretty holiday look for your special doll.  You can find this outfit and lots more at American Girl stores.

Celebration Dress by American Girl on Nanea

Do you have a favorite holiday dress from American Girl?

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