How to Make a Sparkly, Snowflake Tee Shirt for Dolls (a simple HTV Tutorial)

Add a little bling and a little sparkle to the doll clothes you make!! Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make a sparkly tee shirt like this one.  **This post has affiliate links.

How to add HTV to a doll tee shirt tutorial

  1.  Using your electronic cutting machine software, or using a standard die cutting machine, cut out your pattern from Heat Transfer Vinyl.  HTV is cut from the material in reverse, and then pressed onto the fabric.  If your design is not symmetrical, like a word for example, you need to mirror the image before you cut it out, otherwise it will be backwards on your item.  For these snowflake tee shirts, my design is sized to about 1 1/2 inches and I used silver Heat Transfer Vinyl by Cricut.
  2. Weed the image. This means to pull off all of the vinyl around your design (the negative space) so that all that is left on your clear backing paper is the image that will end up on your tee shirt.  (I typically cut a square around my designs as well, to avoid using more HTV than I need, but to also make this weeding process easier.)  A light pad (or window) can help you see the lines! Use a tweezers, a seam ripper, or other sharp tool to remove those teeny tiny pieces in the snowflake centers (or in letters if you are using a word design) too!  The only thing left on the clear backing paper is what you want on your actual garment.  There may be touches of glitter left on the backing paper and this will not end up on your item.
  3. Position your image onto your shirt and press it with a hot iron or heat press machine for 20-30 seconds. It’s best to use a teflon sheet between your item and the iron, but with HTV, it’s not necessarily required.  The new EASY PRESS by Cricut is a great, new tool for pressing, but a regular iron works just as well, especially because doll shirts are tiny and usually don’t end up being washed over and over like a child’s shirt would be.  Remove the clear, backing paper (it will sort of curl away from your design as it releases it when heated) and discard it.  Let your item cool.
  4. If desired, add to your design with some sparkly crystals to make your design even more unique! Have fun with colored crystals and patterns.  You can purchase them on amazon or at local craft stores.  Depending which type you purchase, some have the glue (called HOT FIX) already on them.  You can use the iron or a hot fix tool to melt the glue and attach them.  You can also glue them right on with E6000 glue (also found at amazon and craft stores).  If you add crystals, be sure that the age of the user is taken into account before you add them.

Add HTV to doll tee shirt tutorial

Have fun making personalized tee shirts for your dolls!

Sparkle snowflake tee shirts for dolls with HTV by ohsewkatHow to decorate a doll tee shirt with HTV (1)

I made the skirts with the FOUR SEASON Skirt pattern and added a few extra crstyals with the E6000 glue to add a little more bling!  Find the free skirt pattern HERE.

How to decorate a doll tee shirt with HTV

I used a CRICUT EXPLORE AIR machine to make these snowflakes shirts. Visit the Cricut website to see more about these innovative machines and products to take your crafting to the next level and beyond!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Add HTV to a doll tee shirt tutorial


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