New Pattern for a new Size Doll: A Girl for all Time

Oh Sew Kat! has a new pattern available for the new line of historical and modern dolls, A Girl for all Time.

Peasant Dress A girl for all time sewing pattern for dollsThese 16 inch dolls are much thinner than American Girl dolls, and much more pose- able.  They also come with stories, and I believe that the more recent dolls are descendants of the earlier ones. Isn’t that a fun twist? I always thought the AG dolls should be connected in time…Nellie could be Kit’s grandmother or something.  Maybe I just needed some closure to their stories, ha ha!

Here’s Sam, the 1960s girl!  She’s wearing the new Party Time Peasant Dresses from the new pattern.

A Girl for All Time doll Sam in 4th of July party time dress

A girl for all time doll in green Christmas party time dress

Find the first (of many to come) Oh Sew Kat! pattern for this beautiful girl here in my Etsy Shop and sew up a sweet dress for your doll today!

Do you sew for A Girl for All Time? She’s fairly new in the toy world, but leave a comment below of which of my patterns I should resize for her next! I’ll give you a hint! The Four Season Skirt is in the works!!

Pink party dress on a girl for all time doll sewing pattern cover

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