Bloomer Buddies 50s Style Dress for Maryellen Larkin – A BeForever Pattern Hack!

BeForever character, Maryellen Larkin, is a ten year old girl living in Florida in 1953.  Fifties fashions were all about fun prints, gingham, and full skirts!

With just a few modifications, you can make a cute 50s style dress  and scarf for your Maryellen doll (or her friends) using the Bloomer Buddies pattern from Oh Sew Kat!  I used THIS PIN from my Maryellen Pinterest board as my inspiration.  Make the scarf from matching fabric from THIS tutorial.

Maryellen Larkin BeForever Doll in blue Bloomer Buddies 50s dress

First, you need the pattern. Find it here.

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by OH Sew kat dress and top and bloomers

The pattern has a little slimmer silhouette than the pinned image.  I made two modifications when I cut out my dress.

  1.  Move the dress center front fold about 1/2 inch.  This will give an extra inch of fullness to the front of the dress. You do not need to change the lining, as the finished front will still be the same size, just have more fullness.
  2. Add pockets to your dress front before you gather it and sew it to the yoke. Even though you can do it after, it’s just easier to work while it’s still flat.   I made my pockets so they would be two inches square when finished.  I used one edge on the fold, so my pocket pieces were 4.5 x 2.5 inches.  Press in all edges by 1/4th inch first.  With right sides together, fold in half and stitch the two short sides, plus the corners and some of the long side, leaving a 1/2 inch opening to turn.  Turn and press, tucking in your opening along the crease lines.  Top stitch the top edge if desired, then add to the front of the dress where the hands end up, stitching around both short sides and the bottom.

How to add doll pockets to a doll dress by Oh Sew Kat

Blue Gingham Bloomer Buddies Dress for dolls

Make the dress according to the pattern instructions.

Maryellen Larkin 50s gingham Bloomer Buddies Dress


To make a matching head scarf, click HERE for the tutorial.

50s style gingham head scart tutorial for Maryellen Dolls

Click here to see the Sunshine Dress made for 60s character, Melody Ellison and HERE to find the headscarf tutorial.

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