Step it Up Series: How to Make a Patchwork Top for Dolls – Try this Fun Pattern Hack!

Try something new today! Do you have lots of scraps or small pieces of fabric?  My mother was a big quilter, and she was always buying those cute little 5 inch square packs of fabrics. Here is a great way to turn those small pieces into cute, one of a kind doll clothes.

Use scraps to make doll clothes tutorial

The fabrics in this tutorial came from a pack of 5″ squares, called a “charm pack”.  This one is by Doodlebug Designs- I love the whimsical images.  None of the squares are big enough to make 18 inch doll clothes, so I picked a few of my favorites and patched them together, quilt style, to make my own fabric!

I used the Boardwalk Boutique pattern for this cute, halter top, but really any pattern will work to give the same effect.

How to make a one of a kind patchwork doll top

  1.  Choose your fabrics and lay them out on your table in a pleasing way.  Try to offset the colors and place the rows so you don’t have a four square in the center of your top (unless you are going for that look 😉 .  Ensure that your squares cover enough space for your entire pattern piece.
  2. With right sides together, sew the pieces together in rows, moving from bottom to top with 1/4th inch seams.  Once you have your two rows complete, put them right sides together and sew them together to make a larger square or rectangle. Press all of your seams open.
  3. If needed, trim the edges so your fabric piece is neat.
  4. Pin your pattern pieces to your new patchwork fabric (being mindful of one way designs) and cut out as usual.

Patchwork Top tutorial for dolls by ohsewkat

Once you have your pieces cut out, simply assemble the pattern as usual.

How to make a patchwork doll top

Ta da!! You’ve made a one of a kind top for your doll!

Luciana Vega 4th of July Boardwalk Boutique Halter Top

Find more tutorials for the Boardwalk Boutique pattern here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!


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