Use your Cricut to make Doll Clothes! 5 Ways to Use the Cricut Maker or Explore Machines when Sewing Doll Clothes

Use your cricut maker or cricut explore machine to make doll clothes sewing faster, easier and more precise.

Your your cricut machine to cut doll clothes patterns, design graphic tee shirts, make fabric projects and more. Find sewing patterns for Dolls at Oh Sew Kat~

This post includes affiliate links. Please read my POLICY here. I’ve been a cricut user since the very first “baby bug” machine came out. Cricut sure has come a long way since then! Don’t know what I’m referring to? Check out this LINK to see what a cricut machine is.

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1. Make graphic tee shirts for your dolls with a cricut or cameo machine.

Use your cricut machine to cut out cute designs and make your own graphic tee shirts and outfits for your dolls! Boy and girl dolls alike love tees with clever sayings and personalization. I find that heat transfer vinyl is much quicker and easier than using my embroidery machine! With a subscription to Cricut Access, I have thousands of designs at my fingertips that can be resized to doll scale with a push of a button.

Make graphic tees for dolls with HTV and a cricut machine. Easy tutorial by OH Sew Kat. Find sewing patterns for popular sized doll clothes.

2. Cut out your PDF doll clothes paper patterns with your cricut machine and Design Space software.

If you have a cricut machine, no matter the size or name, you can use it to cut out your paper patterns that you purchase from Oh Sew Kat! and other online designers. You will need a cricut account and to be able to use Design Space. You can also do this on the Brother Scan and Cut and Silhouette Cameo machines. You will need to get the images from the PDF pattern into the cutter’s software. I convert mine to SVG files but there are lots of way to do this, depending on your software. (You can try the cricut SNAP Mat for example, or in the Silhouette software, it might be easier to print your pattern page and scan it back in as a jpg file. Load that into the software and use the TRACE tool for each piece.) Again, a little extra prep work the first time you do this, will save you lots of time later on when you go to use your patterns again. Once you cut them out, be sure to label them with the piece name and size, plus add any markings like notches, dots etc.

Use a cricut machine to cut doll clothes patterns. Find easy to sew beginner level patterns at Oh Sew Kat! #cricut #dollclothes

3. Cut out your doll clothes from fabric with your cricut maker machine.

Yep! You read that right! Technology has arrived!! The newest cricut machine on the market, the Cricut Maker, is the only one that has a rotary blade, that can easily cut fabric on a specially treated mat. There is a learning curve and a time factor to get a pattern set up, but once it’s complete, you can just pull it up and be cutting your doll clothes out in minutes. The cricut maker does not require the fabric to be stiffened to work. Just lay it on the mat and cut! What a time saver, especially for you craft show sellers! Read more in THIS POST.

Cut out your doll clothes with the new cricut maker machine.  Learn how to convert pdf sewing patterns to svg files to work on cricut machines.

4. Decorate your doll clothes with easy to cut pockets, appliques, or accessorize with purses and belts.

Included with the Design Space program are a lot of basic shapes that you can manipulate and cut for free. You can also weld shapes together or slice them apart. Save your files to use them again later. The sparkly pumpkin face on Kelly’s Boardwalk Boutique dress was part of a full pumpkin image. I simply told the cricut to only cut the face. You can weld a square and a triangle together to make a pocket. The new cricut Maker cuts leather very nicely, which opens the door to fun accessories like purses and belts.

18 inch doll sewing patterns by Oh Sew Kat! Boardwalk Boutique is easy and quick to sew! Free skirt pattern for 18 inch sized dolls.

5. Make doll shoes with your Cricut machine.

There are lots of ways to use your cricut machine when it’s time to make doll shoes. Use the cricut to cut the foam or chipboard for nice, precise soles. Use the leather and cut out the uppers.

Make doll shoes with the Cricut Maker or a Cameo cutting machine. Find easy patterns at Oh Sew Kat!

Too busy to sew right now? Pin these images for later! What other ways can you use your Cricut machine to enhance your doll world? Need some specific cricut tutorials? My favorites can be found HERE. Tell Megan you were sent by Oh Sew Kat!

Make a quick and easy cheer bow for your 18 inch doll like Joss Kendrick with this cricut tutorial from OhSewKat! Make it with felt, leather or vinyl and pair it with DIY doll clothes made from Oh Sew Kat! etsy shop PDF digital sewing patterns for dolls.

how to cut pdf patterns on the cricut maker tutorial
Make graphic tees for dolls with HTV and a cricut machine. Easy tutorial by OH Sew Kat. Find sewing patterns for popular sized doll clothes.
Find doll scale fabrics to make cute doll clothes from Cricut. Small stripes by Riley Blake, perfect for the Four Season Skirt- free pattern at #maker #cricut #dollclothes #sewingpatterns #stripes #18inchdolls
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!