Ruffle it Up! Add Hemline Ruffles to Sewing Patterns to Create a new Look

With Oh Sew Kat! pdf sewing patterns, it’s SEW easy to take a basic skirt or dress pattern, and step it up with a cute ruffle at the hem. This is also a great trick for any time a dress or skirt turns out shorter than you’d like it to be.

Add a lace or ruffled hem to your Doll Dresses and Skirts

Use lace as a ruffle! Gathered lace is absolutely the easiest way to add a pretty hem to your skirt or dress. Attach the lace when you create the hem, so the ends will be finished in with the back edges for a clean look. Look for lace in different colors for even more options!

Riley’s unicorn dress was made with the Spring Shine Dress pattern.

Make a doll dress for your 18 inch doll with the flutter sleeve Spring Shine Dress sewing pattern from oh sew kat! It's easy to DIY your own doll clothes and be a fashion designer~

The Backyard Bibs pattern, with the gathered skirt option, is super cute with a lace hem!!

Make easy overalls with Oh Sew Kat's Backyard Bibs sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls like Blaire Wilson from American Girl. #dollclothes #sewingpatterns

Make doll clothes for your 15 inch baby doll with easy sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat! Find overalls, dresses, tops, shorts, and skirts with easy to sew pattern tutorials.

Add a ruffle to a doll skirt or dress

Another easy way to add a ruffle is to purchase trim that is already gathered. This polka dot trim was quickly added to the Sixth Grade Skirt with almost no work at all! It looks so sweet! Find more information on how to do this in THIS POST.

Try Oh Sew Kat! simple sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls like American Girl and WellieWishers. Easy skirt pattern can be made in less than two hours. Try a freebie at #easysewingpattern #dollclothes #americangirldoll #ohsewkat

It’s easy to add a ruffled hem to a peasant style doll top Dress

Nicki’s dress was made using the Playtime Peasant Top. I cut the top as usual, but instead of hemming it, I added a small ruffle. Read more, and see more photos in THIS POST.

Make a bandana ruffled dress with the Playtime Peasant Top PDF sewing pattern. Oh Sew Kat! offers easy doll clothes sewing pattern tutorials to make diy doll clothes for 18 inch dolls like American Girl. Patterns also available in other popular doll sizes. #dollclothes #sewingpattern

Adding a fabric ruffle is also very simple. Figure out how wide you want the ruffle when it’s done (usually 3/4th to 1 1/4th inch depending on doll size.) You can also shorten the skirt by this same length to keep the finished length the same- but sometimes a ruffle is the perfect solution if a doll skirt ends up too short for your liking.

Double this number and add 1/2 inch for your seam allowances. This will be your WIDTH. Cut the length one and a half to two times as long as the skirt. The longer the length, the more ruffled your hem will be. Fold your fabric with wrong sides together the long way and press. This pressed side becomes your bottom hem. Gather the raw edges and attach to the hem of your skirt with right sides together. Easy peasy, right?

Kendall’s dress (made by Julie H of SewDolledUp81) was made using the Spring Shine Dress.

Make a pretty sundress for your 14.5 inch dolls like Welliewishers and Gliter Girls with this Spring Shine Dress sewing PDF sewing pattern by Oh Sew Kat! Faux placket and flutter sleeves, make it a dress or a simple top. Easy to sew pattern for beginners.

Make a simple skirt or dress spectacular with an easy hem ruffle.

Can’t get enough ruffles? Be sure to check out the Boardwalk Boutique Halter and Capri pattern, and the Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt and give your ruffling skills more practice!

Use the Bloomer Buddies Sewing Pattern to make a cute nightdress. Add a big ruffle to the bottom and it becomes a gorgeous nightgown! See more in THIS POST.

Make a nightgown for your 18 inch doll like American Girl or Our Generation with easy sewing patterns by Oh Sew Kat! Free skirt pattern at #dollclothes #sewingpattern #nightgown #ohsewkat #18inchdolls

This pumpkin jumper was made with the Boardwalk Boutique Pattern. Use the longer cutting line and add a ruffle for a cute jumper! See more photos in THIS POST.

18 inch doll sewing patterns by Oh Sew Kat! Boardwalk Boutique is easy and quick to sew! Free skirt pattern for 18 inch sized dolls.

Any skirt or dress can have a ruffled hem. Be creative and mix and match your fabrics. Visit the Inspiration Gallery for even more ideas! Download and sew these easy sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat! for your dolls today!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!