Backyard Bibs Sewing Pattern for Popular Doll Sizes

The Backyard Bibs pattern is a quick sew with lots of options. Make it with capri length pants, as shorts, or choose an A line or gathered skirt. The one piece bib is simple and quick with sewn in straps and no fussy buttons or buttonholes. All outfits close up in back.

Make easy overalls for dolls with the Backyard Bibs sewing pattern in 5 sizes.

Use the Backyard Bibs easy sewing pattern to make a cute, nautical outfit for your doll like American girl Kit or other 18 inch dolls. Easy beginner sewing pattern tutorials from Oh Sew Kat! in my etsy store.

The Backyard Bibs is super popular for the 18 inch doll. Find it HERE in my Etsy Shop. You can purchase it with or without the peasant top pattern. See many more ideas for the Backyard Bibs pattern in the Inspiration Gallery.

Make easy overalls with Oh Sew Kat's Backyard Bibs sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls like Blaire Wilson from American Girl. #dollclothes #sewingpatterns

Try A Girl for All Time PDF Sewing Patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

A Girl for All Time is a popular new ball joined doll- (BJD). I’ve resized many of my patterns to fit them as well. Find the Backyard Bibs for AGAT here. Michele Anderson’s Clementine doll is ready for summer in her patriotic bibs.

Make a darling overalls outfit for your 16 inch A Girl for All Time doll with easy PDF doll clothes sewing patterns by OH SEW KAT.

The Disney Animators dolls are also 16 inches tall. The animators patterns will also fit the Mae Meadow dolls (some patterns may need a little tweaking.). Find a full assortment of Animators’ patterns, including the Backyard Bibs pattern here.

Easy bib overall skirt or pants sewing pattern for 16 inch Disney Animator princess dolls. Easy to sew, more patterns in OhSewKat Etsy shop.

Find the Easy to Sew Backyard Bibs PDF Pattern at Oh Sew Kat!

Bitty Baby, and the retired Bitty Twins dolls from American Girl are 15 inches tall. They look adorable in the Backyard Bibs pattern and this pattern also makes super cute brother /sister sets too! Find the Bitty Baby pattern here.

Bitty Baby dress and overalls sewing pattern - easy to sew PDF pattern for doll clothes by oh sew kat

Find the Backyard Bibs for 14.5 inch dolls here. (Wellie Wishers, Ruby Red Fashion Friends, and Hearts for Hearts Dolls. Photo credit Michele Anderson. See more Backyard Bibs for the little dolls here and here.

Make a playful overalls outfit for Wellie Wishers and Glitter Girls with this easy PDF sewing pattern for dolls. Backyard Bibs by Oh Sew Kat! is easy and quick to sew! #welliewishers #sewingpattern
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!