Goal Planning at its Finest: New PowerSheets

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2021 PowerSheets are here!!! Let me step aside from 18 inch doll clothes to share with you a product I discovered a few years back and still truly use and love! If you purchase PowerSheets by clicking my links in this post, I will receive a small compensation at no cost to you. Feel free to share this post with others that might be inspired.

Cultivate what matters with the 2021 Power Sheets Collection.

Click HERE to see the beautiful 2021 collection, or click on the photo below.

The 2021 Power Sheets Goal Planners are now available.

This year is my fourth year (in a row!) of using this intentional goal planner. Let me be clear- this is not a daily planner. I have a bullet journal I’m currently using to track my schedules, appointments and my to do lists. The Power Sheets system is a way to look at each month, quarter, year and keep what’s most important to you front and center, or help you let go of one thing and focus on another. I ten out of ten recommend the PowerSheets!

There are pretty pages of prep work to help you reflect and find what matters most to you right now (any season of life) and what you can do to cultivate that. It sounds like a big job, but I do a few pages at a time over a week or so and if I can’t answer one question, I come back to it. I used this system when my kids had busy schedules and I still use it now when we are stuck closer to home. What kind of goals do I set? Goals to declutter my home, goals to do a monthly day trip or (used to) make dinner plans with friends, goals to send cards and packages for birthdays, goals to set up my blog post calendar and pattern/sample sewing, even home improvement goals.

My favorite part of the system is the monthly tending list. After writing down the monthly priorities, stresses, and ideas, you choose which ones to focus on and sort them into monthly, weekly, and daily lists for the month ahead. I then decorate this page with stickers or my stamps, and put it in my daily planner. Every morning, I check it along with my plans, to remind myself of both big and little things I’m working towards. At the end of the month, I tape it back in place in my PowerSheets.

Click on the photo to see the entire collection. There are bundles, and journals, stickers, and markers, calendars and pouches. Which color will you choose? Power Sheets are also a great gift! I gave my niece a set when she graduated from college. So far, I’ve always chosen the teal colorway (they matched my business logo!) but this year I went for the bold and bright citrus floral. I love the gold foil accents on the cover. The book itself is super study and very high quality. You won’t be disappointed, I promise!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

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