Oh Sew Kat! PDF Pattern Doll Sizes

What dolls are the Oh Sew Kat! patterns designed for and where can I buy them?

Oh Sew Kat! offers PDF Sewing patterns that are perfect for all ages and skill levels. The patterns are designed to be a great first project for a beginner sewist with clear photos and instructions for every single step.

There are currently 5 sizes of dolls that Oh Sew Kat! offers patterns for. They all have unique body shapes, so some patterns translate more easily to other sizes than others. Some doll sizes sell better than others- so if a certain size requires a fair amount of work, it may not be worth it based on sales trends. At Oh Sew Kat!, I try to stay focused on the most popular doll sizes (those made by American Girl®, 18 inch, 15 inch baby, and 14.5 inch) yet still offer a selection for a few less popular sizes (16 inch A Girl for All Time® and Disney Animators – which are different than Disney Toddler Dolls). Click on the photos to go directly to that size doll section of my Etsy Shop.

Shop for 18 inch Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

The most popular doll size on the market, by far, is the 18 inch vinyl play doll. You can find these dolls made by American Girl®, Our Generation, Pottery Barn, My Life (Walmart), and probably a few others. They are not posable (meaning their arms and legs stay straight and do not bend) and some have cloth bodies and some have vinyl or plastic bodies. I use the dolls from American Girl® as my models and design the patterns for them.

18 inch doll clothes sewing patterns to make modern doll clothes for 18 inch dolls like American Girl from Oh Sew Kat! Find over 20 sewing patterns in my Etsy Shop.

Shop for 14.5 inch Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

A few years ago, American Girl® dropped the Bitty Twins™ line, and came out with the Welliewishers™. These 14.5 inch dolls are the perfect segway for younger girls who are moving past their baby dolls, but are not quite ready for the bigger, 18 inch dolls. The Welliewishers™ are sold by American Girl® to include stories, props, scenes, outfits, and tv shows or videos. Their eyes do not close. Their popularity has grown, and Our Generation came out with their own version, the Glitter Girls, who are the same size. I’ve also heard about dolls this size being available at Big Lots stores (Style Girls).

18 inch doll clothes sewing patterns to make modern doll clothes for 14 inch dolls like American Girl from Oh Sew Kat! Find over 20 sewing patterns in my Etsy Shop.

Shop for 15 inch Baby Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

So many little girls just love to play mommy and are enthralled with all things baby doll. My models are the current Bitty Baby™ from American Girl®, as well as the retired Bitty Twins™, which are basically a Bitty Baby™ doll with hair and were available in different skin tones, as well as boys and girls. Bitty Baby has a fabric body and is wider and shorter than her 18 inch big sister, but sometimes she can wear the same clothes or use the same patterns with just a few minor adjustments.

Make doll clothes for 15 inch baby dolls with easy sewing PDF Patterns from Oh Sew Kat! Find many selections in my Etsy Shop.

Shop for 16 inch A Girl for All Time® Doll Clothes

I offer patterns for two very different 16 inch dolls. The first, A Girl for All Time Dolls,® are thin, with a plastic body, and moveable joints. Their eyes do not close. They are also referred to as BJD (ball jointed dolls). They are mostly historical characters, but they have a few modern sisters as well, such as my Bex doll, shown the green top below. My other AGAT doll is the 60s character, Sam. These dolls are new on the doll scene and can sometimes be hard to get a hold of.

Sew DIY doll clothes for your 16 inch A Girl for All Time Doll with easy PDF sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kar! find the full pattern selection in my OhSewKat etsy shop.

Shop for Animators’ Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns

The second 16″ doll I make patterns for is the Disney Animator Doll. These dolls are available only at the Disney store or Disney online store. They are much less expensive- and hard plastic bodies with straight limbs and non closing eyes. These dolls are great for younger play dolls and come in most all the favorite characters, both boys and girls. My collection includes Rapunzel, Belle, Ariel, Elsa, Anna, and a few others. They are all the same brand of dolls, but some of them are a little taller than others. (Especially Anna, who is about an inch shorter than her big sister, Elsa.). Disney also offers a complete line of My First Princess and Disney Toddler dolls. I do not have any of them, but I am sure there are comparison charts on Google if you want to compare them. My patterns fit the Disney Animator line specifically, and also will fit a much older doll, called a Galoob doll. (Google it, they are funny!!)

So how do I decide if or when to resize a pattern for a different size doll? Well, I don’t really have one answer. Sometimes I make them all at the same time (Twinkle Twirl Skirt and Backyard Bibs for example). Sometimes I roll them out one at a time but all in a row (HalterAlls). Sometimes they don’t get resized- or sometimes I just haven’t gotten to it yet. Not all patterns will work for all dolls- for example, I’m not sure the Jumping Jack open sided jumper will fit properly and hang right over the Animators’ toddler bellies. And sometimes it just depends on the season or what I feel inspired to work on.

Find multi-size value pattern bundles HERE. Three very popular patterns that are available in most doll sizes are the Backyard Bibs, the Twinkle Twirl Skirt, and the Boardwalk Boutique.

Use the Oh Sew Kat! Pdf pattern Twinkle Twirl Skirt to make a fun, patchwork doll skirt. Easy to sew, download and print at home beginning level sewing patterns to DIY your own doll clothes. Fits American Girl, Bitty Baby, Welliewishers, A Girl for All Time, Animators.
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What size is your favorite doll to sew for?

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