Using the Cricut Maker or Explore Machines to Embellish Doll Clothes

Use your cricut maker or cricut explore machine to make doll clothes sewing faster, easier and more precise. You can also use a Brother Scan n Cut machine.

Use your cricut or cameo machine to make fun doll clothing, decorations, accessories and more. Find quick turorials and easy to sew pdf sewing patterns at Oh Sew Kat!

This post includes affiliate links. Please read my POLICY here. I’ve been a cricut user since the very first “baby bug” machine came out. Cricut sure has come a long way since then! Don’t know what I’m referring to? Check out this LINK to see what a cricut machine is.

Decorate your doll clothes with easy to cut pockets, appliques, or accessorize with purses and belts.

Included with the Design Space program are a lot of basic shapes that you can manipulate and cut for free. You can also weld shapes together or slice them apart. Save your files to use them again later. The sparkly pumpkin face on Kelly’s Boardwalk Boutique dress was part of a full pumpkin image. I simply told the cricut to only cut the face using the contour feature in Design Space. You can weld a square and a triangle together to make a pocket. I made the belt and buckle for the holiday apron with two rectangles, and did the same in these Santa and Elf outfits HERE. Iron on is much quick than embroidery!! The new cricut Maker cuts leather very nicely, which opens the door to fun accessories like purses and belts. See my HTV TUTORIAL HERE.

18 inch doll sewing patterns by Oh Sew Kat! Boardwalk Boutique is easy and quick to sew! Free skirt pattern for 18 inch sized dolls.
Use Oh Sew Kat! pdf sewing patterns to make your own Santa outfits for 18 inch dolls and other sizes. Download the sewing pattern tutorial and print the pieces on your home computer to make your own American Girl doll outfits.

Find more HTV project ideas HERE and HERE.

Try Infusible Ink and Create One of a Kind Doll Tee Shirts

Infusible ink is a fun new way to add permanent images to your doll clothes. I’ve got a full tutorial on what you need and how to do it HERE. There are so many colors and patterns of infusible ink transfer sheets to choose from, you will easily find the perfect pattern for your dolly girl. The butterfly image on Blaire’s tee was found in the Design Space Library. After I cut it out, I added the piece from the center to the sleeve. My 9×9 inch Easy Press makes this job quick and easy!!

If you are looking for unique images outside of your cutter machine’s library, check out DREAMING TREE and see what is new for you to create!

Create your own custom doll tee shirts with Cricut and Infusible Ink transfer sheets. Find a quick and easy tutorial to turn an adult shirt into many doll tees that you can design and sew yourself at OhSewKat!

Make Fun Accessories for Dolls on your Cricut, Cameo, Scan n Cut Machine

You will have more ideas than time to make them once you dive into your cutting machine and all it can do. Use faux glitter, felt, or faux leather to make cute accessories like belts, bows, straps and more!! See how I made a big cheer bow for Joss in THIS TUTORIAL. This bow (and many more!) can be found in Cricut’s Design Space Library. (Joss’ shirt was also made with HTV from a design in the Cricut library.)

Make a quick and easy cheer bow for your 18 inch doll like Joss Kendrick with this cricut tutorial from OhSewKat! Make it with felt, leather or vinyl and pair it with DIY doll clothes made from Oh Sew Kat! etsy shop PDF digital sewing patterns for dolls.

Make Cute Holiday Decorations for your Doll House with your Cricut or Cameo Machine

Use your cricut machine to make cute holiday banners in tiny doll sizes to decorate your doll’s party rooms and birthday celebrations. See how I made this adorable LOVE banner in THIS TUTORIAL.

Easy doll craft! Make a doll sized banner to decorate your 18 inch Doll's Valentine's Day party. Use your cricut or cutting machine for quick and easy American Girl doll party decorations.

What other ways do you use your cricut machine to have fun with your dolls?

Too busy right now? Pin these images for later! What other ways can you use your Cricut machine to enhance your doll world? Need some basic LEARN HOW TO CRICUT tutorials? My favorites can be found HERE. Tell Megan you were sent by Oh Sew Kat!

Make a quick and easy cheer bow for your 18 inch doll like Joss Kendrick with this cricut tutorial from OhSewKat! Make it with felt, leather or vinyl and pair it with DIY doll clothes made from Oh Sew Kat! etsy shop PDF digital sewing patterns for dolls.

how to cut pdf patterns on the cricut maker tutorial
Make graphic tees for dolls with HTV and a cricut machine. Easy tutorial by OH Sew Kat. Find sewing patterns for popular sized doll clothes.
Find doll scale fabrics to make cute doll clothes from Cricut. Small stripes by Riley Blake, perfect for the Four Season Skirt- free pattern at #maker #cricut #dollclothes #sewingpatterns #stripes #18inchdolls
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!
Find an entire collection of easy to sew, print at home PDF sewing patterns for classic doll clothes from Oh Sew Kat!