Step it Up! Series: Classic Jumper with the Sugar n Spice Dress

Make a Classic Jumper for your 18 inch American Girl Doll

I think every one of us wore a jumper of this style when we were little girls. It’s a classic look, whether it’s paired with a turtleneck, a peasant top, a button down shirt, or even layered over another dress. The Sugar n Spice Pattern by Oh Sew Kat! includes a short sleeve, basic doll dress, with a sleeveless pinafore (or overdress) included to create this layered look.


Use the Sugar n Spice PDF sewing pattern to make a classic fall jumper for your 18 inch dolls. Many other styles also available.

The Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice pattern comes in three sizes: 18 inch dolls, 16 inch animators, and 14.5 inch Welliewishers. It includes the short sleeve dress, sleeveless pinafore, overskirt, tutu, corset, apron, and simple cape. So many options to mix and match, see what all you can make with this one pattern right HERE.

Use the Sugar n Spice PDF Sewing Pattern to make a cheery spring dress for your 18 inch doll. Yellow dress and pinafore pattern is easy to sew with pattern pieces you print at home. This tutorial is also available in my Etsy Shop in other popular doll sizes. Visit to see more.

Grab the PDF pattern HERE.

Easy sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls- dress, pinafore, cape, corset, tutu, apron, and overskirt. Mix and match to make Halloween costumes and 18 inch doll dresses.

Inspired by my new, 30th anniversary Kirsten Larson doll, I wanted to make a few, simple additions to her wardrobe. (I did buy a few of her clothing items in the past, because I love the era and the look, but never actually purchased the doll until now.). I realized the pinafore from my Sugar n Spice PDF Pattern could be perfect- it just needed a little more length and some of her characteristic growth pleats along the hem. Once I stitched up a few, I put them on my modern dolls too. I hope you have as much fun as I did dressing your dolls in this classic jumper look.

Make the Sugar n Spice Pinafore into a Longer, Classic Jumper for Dolls

  • Use the pinafore cutting lines for the bodice. (Lower neckline)
  • Cut the skirt at 33 inches by 8.5 inches for a modern jumper and 9 or 9.5 inches for a more historical length.
  • Hem the skirt with a 1/4th inch hem.
  • Option 1: Two smaller growth pleats. With wrong sides together, press the hem up at 2.25 inches and at 1.75 inches. It might be easiest to do them one at at time. Stitch 1/4th from each of the pressed edges (you are stitching on the right (pretty) side of the fabric). Press the pleats down towards the hem from the right side. I use a lot of steam to press my pleats down.
  • Option 2: One large growth pleat. With wrong sides together, press hem up 2 inches. From the right side, stitch along pressed edge 1/2 inch away from the edge. (Use a piece of washi tape to mark the seam allowance on your machine.) Press the pleat towards the hem.
  • Finish as directed by the pattern. Layer your jumper over a Jumping Jack Turtleneck shirt, or a Playtime Peasant Top for a modern but classic fall look for your doll, or use it over a long sleeved dress for Kirsten.

The number and size of the pleats can be any length- play around to get just the look you like. For a modern fall jumper, I used a finished skirt length of 7 inches. For the historical dress length for Kirsten, try a finished length of 8 inches. You can see some of Kirsten’s historical dresses with growth pleats HERE and HERE.

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Find the Jumping Jack 3-1 Jumper Pattern HERE to make a knit turtleneck shirt to wear under the jumper.

Create a one of a kind layered jumper for your 18 inch doll from American Girl.  Find a full selection of easy to sew beginner level patterns at oh sew Kat.

Find more ideas and pattern hacks for the Sugar n Spice Dress pattern HERE.

Use the Sugar n Spice PDF Pattern to Make a Pinafore for Kirsten

Note: This photo shows Kirsten wearing her School Dress, which was purchased at and made by American Girl®, under her Oh Sew Kat! Pinafore.

DIY beautiful historical doll clothes from 1854 for your Kirsten Larson 18 inch American Girl doll with easy to sew PDF sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

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Make a holiday jumper for American Girl dolls with easy to sew patterns you download at home.  F

Try it with classic red corduroy. Perfect for the holidays!!

Make your 18 inch American Girl doll a holiday jumper with this easy tweak to the Sugar n Spice PDF Sewing pattern for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Classic jumper for your doll!! Easy to make 18 inch doll clothes with print at home PDF sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!
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