Sewing for the Ruby Red Fashion Friend 15″ dolls?

This post will be updated as more information becomes available. Bookmark it for your records and check back often as the Ruby Red Fashion Friends become more popular!

Make Doll Clothes for 15 inch Ruby Red Fashion Friends Doll with PDF Sewing Patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

I asked my test group to try their Welliewishers 14.5 inch doll clothing on their Ruby Red Fashion Friends 15 inch dolls. This is the feedback they gave me on the fit, as well as a few of their photos. Please note, that at the time of this writing, I do not own any RRFF dolls. These adaptations are just guidelines, and you may have to adjust the patterns more or less to your individual taste.

Use the Oh Sew Kat! Pdf pattern Twinkle Twirl Skirt to make a fun, patchwork doll skirt. Easy to sew, download and print at home beginning level sewing patterns to DIY your own doll clothes. Fits American Girl, Bitty Baby, Welliewishers, A Girl for All Time, Animators.

Photo Credit: Juliette Auckland

Use these slight modifications to make Oh Sew Kat! 14.5 inch sized patterns for Welliewishers™ to fit the new, popular 15 inch dolls, Ruby Red Fashion Friends.

Find a full selection of Oh Sew Kat! Patterns for 14.5″ and 15″ Dolls HERE.

Sewing for the Siblies? Try a 15% reduction of your Welliewishers patterns as a good place to start.

Make a cute and quick Easter scooter skirt or skort for your 14.5 inch dolls like Welliewishers and 15 inch dolls like Ruby Red Fashion Friends with the Sun Day Skort PDF Sewing Pattern for Dolls from Oh Sew Kat!

Photo credit: Pam Ray

Please note that this list is not an exact science. The OSK patterns were designed to fit the Welliewishers™ and Glitter Girls® 14.5″ dolls. By adding a little length to most of my patterns, they will also fit the taller 15″ Ruby Red Fashion Friends. You may need to adjust the measurement more or less depending on the look you like for your dolls.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!