Pleated Dress or Top- Bloomer Buddies Pattern Hack for Dolls

Instead of soft gathers, make the Bloomer Buddies Sewing Pattern with a cute pleat down the front. When choosing fabrics, remember that there will be a “break” in your design where the fabric is pressed in or out, so you might want to check how it will line up before you begin. This pattern is available in four popular doll sizes.

Step it Up Series: Pleated Top or Dress with the Bloomer Buddies PDF Sewing Pattern for Dolls

You will need the Bloomer Buddies sewing pattern from Oh Sew Kat! Find it in four sizes HERE.

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat! Easy doll dress, top, and bloomers in one easy pattern. #ohsewkat #sewingpattern #dollclothes #easypattern
  • Cut out the pattern pieces for the top, tunic, or dress length
  • Fold the front along the fold line and make a mark or pin 1 and 1/4th inch from the fold toward the armhole for 18 inch dolls. You will have to adjust the measurement for smaller sizes.
  • For an inverted pleat: Baste the seam with right sides together.
  • For a boxed pleat: Baste the seam with wrong sides together.
  • Press the pleat flat. Remove your basting stitches down the center front. With the pleat fully in place, stitch across the top raw edge to hold it in place.
  • Attach the yoke and continue with the pattern directions.
  • Note: When you press up your hem, you will press out the pleat. Leaving it pressed open like this will give more flair to the bottom of your dress or top.

Simple to Sew Pleated Dress or Top for Dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Poppy’s rainbow top was made at the tunic length. Just a little too short to be a dress, it’s perfect with leggings or jeans!

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