Courtney Moore 80s Doll Mix and Match Pink Belt Tutorial

DIY your own doll clothes for 18 inch dolls like Courtney Moore from American Girl®. Easy to sew PDF patterns from Oh Sew Kat! will help you be successful with full color photos plus written instructions for every step of the way. Be your own doll clothes designer!!

Make Fun 80’s Fashions for Your American Girl Doll- Free Tutorials

Create mix and match outfits with hot pink and houndstooth with easy sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Have you seen Courtney’s new mix and match wardrobe pieces from American Girl®? You can create the same look for less money with Oh Sew Kat! patterns and tutorials.

Here’s is the outfit I made for Courtney. I used the POPSICLE TOP pattern for the top, and THIS TUTORIAL for the skirt. Read below for how I made the hot pink belt to complete the look!!

Make a mix and match 80s outfit from houndstooth fabric for your Courtney American Girl Doll. More patterns available from Oh Sew Kat!

Make Courtney’s 1980s Hot Pink Belt

  1. Supplies: Belt Buckle, cotton or knit fabric
  2. Cut fabric 2.5 x 15.5 inches ( I cut mine at 2 inches wide, and decided it should be thicker but did not sew a new version so yours may look slightly different than my photos, but probably more like the one on the AG site.)
  3. With RST stitch up one side, with the last inch forming a slight diagonal to the edge to create a point.
  4. Turn and press well; the seam can be centered or on one edge, depending how you want your belt to look.
  5. Zig zag stitch or serge the open end closed.
  6. Place this finished end through the buckle, fold over and seam in place, just far enough so your foot does not hit the buckle.

Put your belt over the waistband and bottom edge of the skirt and top for a “dress look” and revel in the $48 plus shipping you may have just saved. You are welcome, Momma!! I put the skirt, top and belt items in my cart. Yes, you get two tops and two skirts and some accessories besides the belt, but if this is a passing phase for your kid (like it was with mine)- this is a great answer for a wonderful, time appropriate outfit for your 18 inch 80s Courtney doll from American Girl. And you can sew as many as you want! Click HERE for the skirt tutorial and HERE for the top tutorial to complete the outfit.

Easy to make houndstooth skirt and top outfit for American Girl Doll Courtney by Oh Sew Kat!

Find more ideas and tutorials to sew for Courtney by clicking the photos below. Be sure to visit the Courtney Moore Inspiration Gallery HERE.

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Make doll clothes for 1980's 18 inch dolls like Courtney Moore from American Girl. Easy to sew doll clothes with easy PDF digital patterns, printables, and tutorials from OhSewKat. Also available on Etsy. Make a boxy crop top, hair scrunchies, and bubble skirts.
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