18 inch Doll Review: Disney’s ILY 4 Ever Inspired By Dolls

There is a new 18 inch doll on the market. Have you seen these girlies in Target yet? Disney has come out with a new line of play dolls- ILY 4Ever, which are four new 18 inch dolls with lots of accessories, inspired by Disney characters.

ILY 4 Ever 18 inch Doll Review by Oh Sew Kat!

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My local Target store was full of these new dolls and cute accessory sets. They were not in the toy section, but had sort of their own display of clothing, toys and more. I also noticed they now carry the 16″ Disney Animators dolls!

I purchased two dolls- Inspired by Minnie and Cinderella. Both are beautiful dolls and I thought I’d share my review of them. Introducing Inspired by Minnie:

What I like about the Disney ILY 4Ever Dolls:

  • The Inspired by Minnie doll was very easy to remove from the box. Having opened other children’s toys lately, this is not a given!!
  • Her hair is super long, shiny, and so so soft!
  • These dolls are readily available at Target stores as well as Target online.
  • At less than $40, these dolls have a great price point!
  • These dolls come with the most adorable little accessories (Minnie Mouse Phone? Yes please!)
  • American Girl® brand clothes fit!!
  • American Girl® brand shoes also fit! (not perfectly, but close)
  • Oh Sew Kat! clothes fit! (Photos show Popsicle Top, Sandbox Shorts, and Summertime Stroll Dress)
  • Although these dolls are inspired by Disney characters, the dolls themselves are not marketed as character dolls and as such, they don’t have a name. You can choose a name for your new friend yourself.

Caution: I’ve been reading that the ILY 4ever clothing can leave dye stains on the dolls. Be sure to change their clothes often or treat the clothing items just in case.

What I don’t like about the Disney ILY 4Ever Dolls:

  • No sleep eyes- the eyes don’t close when you lay the doll down. The large, open eyes are a common theme for Disney characters and dolls.
  • I think the hands seem a little bit large.
  • Same size but they don’t feel as solid as AG dolls,
  • Give them a name,
  • The doll body is much softer than American Girl® dolls, but this makes them not stand as easily or sturdily (Is that even a word? This may not be important for doll play, but I do need dolls to stand easily for photographs.)

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