Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress Patterns Made Up as Tops

Just as every doll top sewing pattern you have can usually be made into a dress, the reverse is true as well. Every dress pattern can be made into a top or shirt. Here are a few examples to use the patterns you have (or choose a new one) in a new way.

Use your Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress sewing patterns to make cute doll tops too!

Sew your own doll clothes with easy PDF sewing patterns by OhSewKat! #ohsewkat #sugarnspice #18inchdolls #americangirl

Kelly is wearing a cute spring outfit. Her top is made from the Sugar n Spice pattern. Instead of a full skirt, I just made it ruffle sized. Read more details in THIS POST. The skirt is a simple skirt like THIS TUTORIAL.

Easiest Pattern Hack Ever: Make a Dress Pattern as Top for Dolls

Western Style ruffled Twinkle Skirt with eyelet Spring Shine Dres/Top

In the above example, sewn by my amazing tester, Michele, Leah is wearing a top made from the Oh Sew Kat! Spring Shine Dress pattern. It’s simply the bodice with a little trim at the hem. Cute cute!! Find the pattern HERE. The skirt is made from the Twinkle Twirl Skirt pattern.

Michele also sewed the cute outfit Snow White is wearing below. Her top is made from the Sunshine Dress pattern. It doesn’t matter the doll size, this hack works for every size. Find the pattern HERE.

Disney Animators dolls sewing patterns

Use your Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress Patterns to Make Cute Summer Tops too!

Use the Backyard Bibs PDF sewing pattern to make as summer doll top for your 18 inch American Girl doll. Easy sewing patterns for all seasons by Oh Sew kat!

Maryellen is ready to hit the beach!! The Backyard Bibs is my favorite pattern for every season. Shorten the skirt to ruffle length, and look how cute the top is! (The green shorts were purchased at American Girl®.) See more details in THIS POST. I simply made the ruffle even smaller in the patriotic outfit below. Paired with a pair of Bloomer Buddies bloomers and it looks like a bathing suit!!

Make a summer top or swim suit with the Backyard Bibs Overalls sewing pattern for dolls like American Girl. Easy to sew digital PDF doll clothes patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

Make Easy Doll Tops with your Oh Sew Kat! Dress Sewing Patterns

Doll top tutorial by OhSewKat

Pam, another amazing tester and photographer, always made the cutest outfits. Here she used the Sugar n Spice Dress pattern and made it into cute tops for Welliewishers 14.5 inch dolls. She paired them with Sixth Grade Skirts and added the pockets as in THIS TUTORIAL. Such cute outfits!!

What other dress patterns will you use to make your doll tops?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

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