Make it Monday: Seasonal Sunflowers

Anyone else love sunflowers? We have some local fields nearby that do a tremendous job each fall to go and picnic and pick sunflowers. I came home inspired to make these School Dance Dresses bloom!!

DIY Sunflowers Doll Dress with School Dance Pattern

Add some tall boots and these girlies are ready for the season. I think they all wear this fun, almost outrageous dress equally well!! I used the School Dance Dress and made it with the princess seamed front. I realize that the seams cut up the large blooms a bit, but I always feel it gives a little more fitted look on the doll so it’s worth it.

Try the School Dance PDF Sewing Pattern for Dolls this Fall

Find the School Dance Dress in three sizes HERE. Be sure to visit the School Dance Dress inspiration Gallery HERE.

Find the School Dance PDF Pattern HERE.

Easy to Sew 18 inch Doll Dresses by Oh Sew Kat!

Have you tried a large print on small doll dresses? It’s a bold choice and may not always work but it’s fun to spend an afternoon and give it a try!

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Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!