American Girl® Outfit Review: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit

Can I just say that this outfit is amazing and pretty much one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I admit, I’m a boy mom (two sons before my one daughter) so I’m a sucker for cute boy clothes. My second son always wore bow ties. Always. So when I saw this outfit at the American Girl Store in DC, it wasn’t even on display yet, but I snapped it up!!

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American Girl® Outfit Review: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit for Boys

American Girl® Product Review: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit for Boys

First of all, when I went to the store, I can admit I had no idea about the Janie and Jack line of AG clothes. On the ground floor, in the area that is usually all the Girl of the Year, they had the product shelves full, along with the little display in the glass, but no dolls or no outfits to show what they were. Turns out, I was there before the actual release. I glanced through the boxes and really didn’t know what I was looking at or looking for, but saw this cute plaid vest outfit with a bow tie for boys and it went into my bag. (I also bought the navy blue buckle boots for girls- which I love!) but passed on all of the other outfits.

When I sat down to dress Logan up, I was amazed and thrilled to find so many pieces in the box!! To be totally transparent, I never checked the price before I bought it. I knew there was a sale going on (buy more save more, so I knew it would be at least 15% off because I was also buying Claude™ the same day, and I had a $40 rewards coupon so I was shopping just for fun!) The outfit sells for $42!! Yes, there are a ton of pieces and it is adorable, and yes, it’s got another brand on top of the American Girl® brand, but wow, $42 for one outfit? I don’t even pay that much for an outfit for myself!!! Do I think it’s worth the price? I’m a little conflicted on that point.

18 inch Doll Outfits for Boys: Tartan Plaid Outfit Review

So what is included in the box? Well, some cute, bright plaid pants with matching bow tie (really the tie was the selling point for me!), a button front blue oxford shirt (with real, working buttons down the front), a navy blue velveteen vest (also with a real, working button front), navy blue socks, and blue loafer shoes.

As you can see, Logan is quite the dapper lad in his Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit. I have to say I love it!! The quality is super high, everything feels like the real deal, and there are so many pieces, to include socks and shoes. I did not pay $42 for it; I think I paid closer to $35 but I still think that is way too high for a doll outfit. I missed out on the last vest/bow tie outfit from American Girl® and I was not going to let that happen again this time, but I still think the price tag is pretty hefty these days. Quality wise, it does live up to the tag.

American Girl® Outfits for Boys: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Review

The pro side of this outfit, aside from the realism of the complete look, is the mix and match options. And with limited options for boy clothing, this is a pretty big pro. The solid chambray style shirt and a navy vest plus navy shoes will work with many formal and casual outfits going forward. And the shoes are so classic and amazing- they will get used over and over! The plaid pants and tie will also add to a fun St Patrick’s day wardrobe for sure! The bow tie is adorable. The pants have real working pockets too!!

The con side of this outfit starts with the price. I get the branding tag drives up the price, but you are talking almost halfway to a doll just for one outfit. I can see how they ended up there, and at least it has a complete outfit (with socks) to show for it. I also think that as the target market for American Girl® dolls moves from 8-10 down to 6 or 7 to 9, this outfit was not the easy on and off I would want for my young daughter. Both the shirt and vest have full working buttons, and they are not large. The only hook and loop tape are on the pants fly and the bow tie attachment. It takes a minute to get the buttons lined up and secured properly. The collar and bow tie are not going to be easy for little hands. Older children will not have a problem, but this isn’t a quick change outfit for sure.

Holiday Doll Clothes for Boys: Janie and Jack 18 inch Tartan Plaid Outfit

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