American Girl® Outfit Review: Gryffindor™ Set

American Girl Review: Gryffindor™ Set for Dolls

Who else is excited to finally see American Girl® release Harry Potter and Hogwarts™ themed doll clothes and accessories. These drool worthy items are now available both in the actual store as well as online and if you are a rewards member, you can do some holiday shopping on days with extra rewards points. You can also find a limited selection of dolls, outfits, and accessories in the AD: Amazon American Girl shop– often with free shipping!!

New from American Girl: Harry Potter™ Outfits for 18 inch Dolls

So much to love about this sweater outfit. It doesn’t have a lot of pieces, as it comes with the sweater, the scarf, and the tie for $26.00. Hogwarts™ has 4 houses, so I believe AG is smart to offer these pieces as a separate. You can get just the number of each school sweater as you need for your own doll collection. In a household of military vets, we tend to gravitate to the loyal Gryffindors, so that is the set I chose.

I also love the very high quality of these items, and the fact that altogether with the school uniform (See my review of that HERE.) it really completes the outfit. I love how closely it matches the movies and Emily makes a perfect Ginny Weasley, doesn’t she? The scarf is very thick and the colors are bright. The sweater is also well made and of decent weight; with a closure in back so it’s easy to put on the doll.

Gryffindor™ Set for 18 inch Dolls: Oh Sew Kat’s Review

At $26.00 a set (no sales, probably due to the trademark rules) and no returns, it’s not a light commitment. It will cost $100 to outfit four dolls for four houses, and you have not even purchased the school uniform to wear with it. I think they should have included some sort of accessory here for this price. A broom? An owl? How about a wand? They could also bundle things together (but two or three and save?) but maybe that is yet to come.

I also have to acknowledge the tie issue. The tie is attached to a ribbon that closes with velcro. A simple piece of elastic would do the job so much better. It was VERY hard to get the tie on at all, much less get the collar to stay down over it. If you look at my photos, you will see I never did get it quite right. If you are purchasing this for a child, be prepared to help.

18 inch Doll Harry Potter™ Outfits- Oh Sew Kat Review

For true Harry Potter fans, this set is perfection. It is high quality and has a lot of play value when you include it with the fun accessories (the trunk!) and more dolls. I’m very happy this is available and that I have one set for my collection. It will be fun to use as a Halloween costume next year as well! See more product reviews on THIS PAGE. Click the black button link below to visit the Oh Sew Kat! pattern shop.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

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