American Girl® Outfit Review: Hogwarts™ Uniform with Skirt

Oh Sew Kat! Review: American Girl’s Hogwarts™ Uniform

If you haven’t seen one of the latest releases from American Girl®, then you are in for a quite a treat when you see the Harry Potter collection for 18 inch dolls. The entire collection is so much fun- I really enjoyed the in store displays. I was shopping during a sale, and these items were not included in that sale, and also were final purchase. I’m not sure why there are not returns, but maybe it has something to with the licensing/trademark issues. Anyhoo. Did you know that you can find AG items on Amazon? AG has now opened up a small shop there. You can find a limited selection of dolls, outfits, and accessories in the AD: Amazon American Girl shop– often with free shipping!!

Hogwarts™ Uniform for Dolls: Oh Sew Kat’s Review

I purchases the School Uniform Outfit for $55.00. I also purchased the Grffyndor™ Sweater Set and you can read my review HERE.

The box is pretty full!!! :). You can choose a boy or girl school uniform, so I chose the girl. The cost was $55.00 for 5 pieces. They are pictured above. The photo below, also includes the red/gold Grffyndor™ accessories which are $26.00 each.

Review: American Girl® Harry Potter School Uniform

What is in the box? A long black robe with colorful embroidered logo (no sticker patch!) A classic white blouse with real working buttons. A short, pleated gray skirt. Gray knee socks, and black mary jane style shoes. The cost is $55 for either the boy (pants) or the girl (skirt) set.

I have to admit so much about this outfit makes me happy. First of all, I think it’s long overdue for American Girl® to offer these outfits and accessories. They are absolutely complete and adorable, especially when you add in the fun accessories. This outfit is super well made and really includes the full outfit (minus the school specific tie, sweater, and scarf, see my review of that HERE.) There are two sets to choose from, a boy set and a girl set. Both include the white shirt, the black school robe, the skirt or pants, shoes, and socks. This outfit is perfect for a lot of school uniforms I think, with the classic colors, socks, and shoes. These items will be perfect as stand alone staples and also for mix and match outfits all year long.

As well made as this set is, it will certainly be a struggle for your young children to get on, especially the blouse. The buttons are so tiny, and there are a lot of them. I’m not sure young children could dress their doll themselves, but the look certainly is authentic. This is the exact reason that all Oh Sew Kat! patterns have fake buttons in the front with an open back. It’s just easier for everyone. The skirt seems a little short, although it is cute, my guess is that is what girls like so it was a good design choice.

The $55 price tag is hefty, but not for what you get. I think they could have put pants and skirts in one set, and where is the wand for goodness sake? Your doll also has a lot of clothes on when it’s all put together. The authentic look is worth it in my opinion, and I highly recommend this set for collectors of all ages and Harry Potter fans as well.

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