Easy Fleece Scarf for 18″ Dolls Tutorial

Try this fast and easy doll craft today! Use strips of fleece or flannel to make your doll a cozy scarf or fall and winter fashion accessory. Choose contrasting colors, your team or school colors, or red and green for the holidays.

Fast Fashion for Dolls: Make a Cozy Scarf

Fringe Doll Scarf Tutorial Instructions:

  1. Choose two fabrics. You can use fleece or flannel. For Fleece: Cut a strip measuring 2 inches x 20 inches from each fabric. For Flannel: Cut a strip measuring 1.5 x 20 inches from each fabric.
  2. With wrong sides together, stitch the strips together right down the middle of the strips. Fleece can be stretchy, so use clips or pins to hold it if needed. Trim any parts of your scarf that don’t line up, including the ends.
  3. Use sharp scissors to cut “fringe” up close to your sewing line but be careful not to cut through it. You don’t need to measure this, just clip it every quarter inch or so the full length, both sides. The thinner the better, especially for the flannel fabric.
  4. Fluff up your scarf! Twist it around your finger or use your iron to press the fringe layers apart so you see a nice mix of both fabrics.

You can trim your scarf to your liking if you think it’s a little long. Lanie likes to wear her scarves as a fashion statement to add pops of color to a simple outfit of the Jumping Jack turtleneck shirt with a Sixth Grade Skirt and boots. You can find both patterns in the Oh Sew Kat! pattern shop here.

Fleece Fringe Scarf for Dolls- Easy Craft Tutorial

Mix it up a bit by making your strips longer or wider— try using 3 or 4 layers for a fluffier scarf!! Cut strips 8 inches by 36 or more inches and make a matching one for your girl!

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